Amazon and E-bay are NOT always the cheapest places to buy!

Their prices aren’t that low according to Clark Howard who uses , geek.wish. com,  and which helped him buy $90 sneakers for $20. 


BEWARE OF “RETAIL ARBITRAGE”: People buy up hot products at low prices and then resell them higher on Amazon or Ebay. Avoid overpaying by googling the product name along with the phrase “best price”.


  • Amazon Deals 
  • Goldbox   Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals & limited-time sales.
  • Amazon’s prices change daily (sometimes hourly), so scan for the cost history of any item on Amazon. Amazon Outlet is perhaps the web’s biggest warehouse sale, where watches, toys and other items are typically 40 to 80 percent off.
  • Daily rollbacks on household and grocery items. Under the Today’s Deals tab, click Coupons on the left sidebar under the section Deal Type.  You might find $1 off a Crest or 25% off cereal.
  • To find the best discounts simply  add &pct-off=percent to the end of any Amazon URL (replacing percent with the exact discount you want. For example adding &pct-off=50-70 to the url  it will show only the products that are 50-70% off!)   



Amazon Prime at $99 a year can pay off : Beyond rapid free shipping on many items, there are low-priced grocery and household products, free music, e-books and video streaming, 30-minute early access to Amazon Lightning Deals and unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive. To avoid the fee: Credit card companies may offer Prime as a free perk for new members.



Read how  here:



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Maybe Dad Was Wrong……

Many of us were taught as a young child that boys don’t cry and as men we often bury our feelings in an attempt to conform to social pressure. However, we now know that the benefits associated with crying include healing and warding off heart disease and reducing pain.

  • Crying releases stress. According to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a highly respected and sought-after cardiologist who has treated and  revitalized patients with even the most advanced forms of cardiovascular disease there’s nothing like a good cry when it comes to healing and warding heart disease risk factors. Crying frees the heart  of muscular tension and rigidity,  while enhancing oxygen delivery. The ability to feel emotions deeply, to cry during times of intense sadness and heartbreak, are essential in the prevention of heart disease risk factors. It is important to not allow your stress or emotions to remain bottled up inside you.  
  • Weight loss from crying? Crying releases toxins that assist your body in ridding itself of chemicals that raise cortisol levels. Controlling cortisol helps you cope with stress. (Cortisol is the hormone that puts fat around your belly, so controlling cortisol could contribute to weight loss.) 
  • Pain tolerance Our emotional pain tolerance increases after we have cried because tears from emotional crying contain “leucine-enkephalin,” an endorphin which improves mood and reduces pain.  Whenever you cry your mental health and your physical body receive the occasional vulnerable state (and euphoria) that emotional crying provides.The feeling of relief we experience after crying allowing us to settle down almost instantly  comes from the  “feel-good” hormones and neurotransmitters that are released. It feels good  to let those tears out and then blow your nose.
  • Tears are antibacterial. An article published by Medical Daily found that tears (which contain lysozyme) can kill up to 95 percent of bacteria in under 10 minutes!
  • Crying improves communication. Babies cry to let us know about their discomfort.  Adults, seeing another person’s tears quickly sense the extreme level of anger, frustration or sadness that words fail to convey.

While some prefer to cry alone in the shower, crying is a sign of a kind-hearted sensitive man; not a sign of weakness like you might have been taught as a child.   Jesus wept. John 11:35

Like crying, laughing  be a tremendous remedy for the heart as laughter helps us breathe deeply and releases  tension in our chests. If we laugh hard enough, we may even cry.

In order to restore balance to both your body and mind, it is important that we give ourselves permission to cry and embrace the lacrimation (flow of tears).

  Read more on this subject from  Suzy Cohen “America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist



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Prescription Discounts (Tulsa, OK Area)

  • Compare Prescription Prices for your area & Get Coupons:
  • CVS and Target offer coupons frequently for gift cards if you purchase a new or transferred prescription through them. Watch the weekly ads for those and also
  • Walmart has some for $4. *
  • Reasors in Tulsa free prescription antibiotic and vitamins.
  • K-Mart sales ~  Gold K prescription discounts are available up to 20% off for those age 50+.
  • Genscripts in TulsaA reader just advised us that  “Walmart & GenScripts have lists of prescriptions that are totally free. Ask your doctor to look to see if  there is a similar medication on those lists to the one(s) he is prescribing.   I carry Insurance in case we need an expensive cancer or heart drug or something like that in the future, but for now, we spend about $25 per month each. You can get the list from GenScripts.” Genscripts is located on the north side of 41st St and Hudson Ave, facing Hudson.  Hudson Ave. is at the stop light at 41st St. and Hudson right across from Pet Smart.
  • Costco no membership is needed to fill a prescription!! Costco’s prescription list   Savings are estimated up to 70% off and calculated at the time of sale according to this page of Costco’s site.    6 things you can do at Costco without a-membership


  • Ask your doctor for samples.
  • Ask your pharmacist if there are any discounts.
  • Google the name of the drug to find the manufacturer of the drug you were prescribed, to see if you the manufacturer can help with a discount.
  • 5 Hacks for Lowering Your Prescription Drug Costs


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Simple Way Successful People Accomplish More in a Day

Charles M. Schwab, one of the richest men in the world at the time, was president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, the largest shipbuilder and the second-largest steel producer in America. He was also business manager for Andrew Carnegie, the the father of the steel Industry in the United States.

Constantly seeking an edge over the competition, in 1918, Schwab asked Ivy Lee, who had worked for the great industrialist John D. Rockefeller,  what the cost would be for him to  increase the efficiency of his team at Bethlehem Steel.

Lee replied, “Nothing, unless it works. After three months, send me a check for whatever you feel it’s worth to you.”

Spending 15 minutes with each of Schwab’s executives Lee explained the simple method for achieving peak productivity that is said to have also been used by J.P. Morgan, who died in 1913:

1.) At the end of each  day, write down the  most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow, including all your appointments and work items, then prioritize those  tasks in order of their true importance.
2.) In the morning, concentrate only on the first task until it is finished. Then go to the next one on  the list and work it until it is finished. Work you way down the list in the same fashion. Move any unfinished items to a new list for the following day.

After less than three months, Schwab was so pleased with how much more that he and his executive team were able to achieve in a day that he wrote Lee a check for $25,000, the equivalent of $431,614.96 in 2016.

Many successful and world-class experts use this method for the simple reason that mastery requires focus and consistency.  Fewer priorities leads to better focus leading to better outcome. Trimming away everything that isn’t absolutely necessary eliminates feeling overwhelmed and disorganized when constantly trying to divide your time several different ways.

While we have been repeatedly told that multi-tasking is good, according to neuroscientist Earl Miller the exact opposite is true.   Miller, professor of neuroscience at MIT,  warns that the human brain simply can’t fully focus on more than one thing at a time. While we may switch back and forth quickly between tasks that isn’t multitasking.

Doing the most important things first, each day is the way to be successful.


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Nothing Bundt Cakes

If you have already signed up you probably got it in your e-mail.

If you haven’t signed up yet,  join Nothing Bundt Cakes E-Club to receive exclusive offers, new flavor announcements and a free bundtlet on your birthday.

These are wonderful for gifting. Think Valentine’s Day or Random Acts of Kindness week which is Feb. 12-18 in 2017.

In the Tulsa area, Nothing Bundt Cakes is located next to Rustic Cuff on South Memorial. We wish they’d go in at Tulsa Hills.

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Truly Making a Difference in the Life of Another.

When you get face-to-face with those in need, it’s seeing them through Christ’s eyes.
You realize just how much you have in common.  We are all poor; we just have different
forms of poverty.

There are wonderful individuals with tremendous economic needs, who have had difficult lives. A handout often leads to co-dependency, not self-sufficiency. By teaching people ‘how to fish, instead of just giving them fish’, we help them make long-term, real life changes with employment skills, sobriety, good family relationships, budgeting and good spending habits.

They need to know how much God loves them; that He finds them acceptable, complete
and fully pleasing to Him. It requires a network of people working together. Amazing life
changes are being witnessed in the many individuals that Stand in the Gap is empowering.

– Buddy Stone, co-founder of Stand in the Gap


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