Before You Start Your Christmas Shopping….

The Tulsa World published a story on November 22, 2015
Julie DelCour writes: Take a moment and think about this question, which was passed on to me a few months ago: Is your grandmother hungry?

Following are points Ms. DelCour made in her article   (with comments made after the story was published in pink):

  • Seniors often must make difficult decisions between basic needs; having to do without critical medication because they needed to purchase food  or doing without food to purchase medication. But those kinds of choices are made everyday.
  • One in nine Oklahoma seniors are at risk for hunger.
  •  Social Security is the only source of income for one in three Oklahomans age 65 or older. On average, Oklahoma retirees receive about $1,206 a month from Social Security.  Most of us could not begin to make ends meet on that amount of income.   After YOU paid for your utilities, medicine, co-pays and rent (or if you own-the taxes and house insurance)  in how much would YOU have left for food and toilet paper, stamps to mail your bills, pay for gasoline and auto  insurance,  to get to and from the doctor? INTAKE VOLUNTEER AT A LOCAL FOOD PANTRY:  MANY of the widowed, who came in, received $600 or less, PER MONTH, in Social Security and that was their entire income. DIRECTOR AT A SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER, IN A RURAL TOWN: In reality, many clients receive and attempt to live on less than $397 per month in Social Security
  • Unlike Meals on Wheels or other nonprofits that deliver meals to the elderly, disabled and shut-ins, Senior Servings, requires participants come to a site, which generally is a place where they live at or visit regularly..”  In other words, the ones who can no longer drive, and many times need it most, are the ones who get left out. However, the food bank said if I donated money to be used to help get food to Seniors that they have no way of making sure it will go to benefit hungry Seniors
  • 4 million seniors across the country are malnourished.
  • Many Seniors suffer in silence and would rather not let anyone know they need help. Many elderly will not go to a food pantry as that were raised to not expect others to take care of them.  Only 17% of all who go to food pantries are age 60 and over, but it isn’t always pride. Many can no longer drive or can’t leave their house. Many of the ones who get left out are the very ones who need it most.


So how can we help a hungry Senior?
Christmas, the season of giving, makes it easier to “gift” someone who needs help so they don’t see it as a hand-out.

  • A gift certificate for their favorite grocery store, deli or pharmacy. Reasors or a Walmart gift card can help them choose between a little protein, their prescription or personal items such as shampoo or toilet paper.
  • A QT gift card can buy  gas to go to the doctor or to church.
  • Pay their gas or electric bill, so they can stay warm
WHAT THEY DON’T NEED:  more  candles,  potpourri, perfumes, sprays,   lotions and potions, creams and soaps, makeup/nail polish, clothing or jewelry, scarves, purses/wallets, throw blanket, tea or flavored coffee, dish towels, mugs,  home decor, knick-knacks or trinkets,  keychains, etc

Struggling to eat, many are further isolated when they don’t have sufficient food to even participate in a church potluck. Check out this group in Chattanooga, TN:  Harvest


At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry and you gave me ….eat…I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless and you took me in. ~ Mother Teresa (See Matthew 25:35-40)


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Biggest Discounts May Not Be On Black Friday

While deals generally start the Monday before Thanksgiving,  Thanksgiving Day has the best deals, with prices increasing through Cyber Monday.  Customers can shop online, from the comfort of their home on Thanksgiving  since many retailers are going to be closed that day.

Fact:  around 76 percent of shoppers buy the same 1 percent of  product makes and models, which are mostly electronics. So if you wait, you might not get that popular item you want.

P.S. Please don’t forget there are MANY struggling Seniors who do not want you to know their $600 or less Social Security check (which may be their only income) doesn’t stretch far enough to cover their utilities, meds, food, gas and car insurance so they can get to the doctor along with and personal items, such as toilet paper.  They have to make a choice somewhere and many times it is food. Ashamed, they will not go to a food pantry. Christmas is an excellent time to gift them a grocery store gift card (so they can buy a couple of cans of tuna or chicken) or a gas gift card. 



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Veterans Day 2015 Free Meals ~ Oklahoma

Updated here: veterans meals and discounts


Thank you to our Veterans!

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Rebecca “Becky” Hamilton ~ Slain Beggs, OK woman

Rebecca Hamilton, 62, whom friends called Becky, was found dead after she surprised an intruder in her home near Beggs around 10 p.m. Saturday, October 17th, according to authorities.

Her family was her world
Becky who lived a simple life which revolved around her family,  worked at the small town’s only grocery store, Beggs General Store and was well-known in the community. Selena Scism said that as long as Hamilton had her son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and nieces, she was happy.

Becky was the type of person who would have given an intruder anything he wanted. All a person needed to do was knock on the door and ask, Scism said.

Rick Miller who has known Hamilton’s family for years and is organizing a fundraiser agreed, saying, “She would have given them her whole place that night if they wanted.”

 Many people have voiced that this is a nice, hard-working family.


Open to the public  a fundraising event is this coming SUNDAY Nov. 1st  from noon to 4 p.m at Tulsa RV Ranch, on U.S. 75 near Beggs. Celebrating and honoring the life Becky lived, the funds raised will offset the unexpected expenses placed on this family due to this tragedy (funeral, burial, dealing with the home she was murdered in, time off from work, lost wages for the family, and more!

  • Rick’s page shows  some of the bigger items that are being donated for the auction.  A great way to get a jump on Christmas ….another a good reason to come out Sunday!
  • Tulsa RV Ranch is donating 10 percent of proceeds from brunch that day.
  • Live auction and a silent auction, raffles, live music,  Trap/Skeet Shoot, Turkey Shoot, Pumpkin Shoot, Art Class (similar to Pinot Pallette), Go Carts, Putt Putt Golf, Horse Shoe Tournament, BB Gun Shoot, Cake Walk, Face Painting and Much More!!!

MAYBE YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP THIS FAMILY AS THEY GO THROUGH A REALLY ROUGH TIME. Any help of time, talent, or treasure – anything people are willing to give, for the raffle or auction-would be appreciated and used to assist a family truly in need.

    • Volunteers are needed to help with the event
    • Items for prizes, raffle, and the live auction. Both a  regular auction and a silent auction for smaller items are planned Some of us will admit to having a  “re-gift shelf” or have purchased things then realized we really don’t need  them and there they set; new and still packaged. It is a good way to clean off that shelf!
    • Can’t make it out on Sunday and want to help? Friends set up a gofundme   page. 

HOW TO VOLUNTEER Please contact organizers through the Becky Hamilton Family Fundraiser  Facebook page.

STILL NO SUSPECTS  Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice said deputies and task force agents are still tracking down leads in the case but don’t yet have any suspects or an established motive. Here is her home:

Please pray for the Hamilton family and also for Law Enforcement Officers working this tragic case to be able to solve it quickly.

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Selling Your Home Without a Realtor ~ Advertise free on Zillow and Trulia!


Post your For Sale By Owner (FSBO) for free on these

 REALTOR.COM does not allow FSBO listings, so to get on that one you have to contract with a Realtor somehow. However, here is a TIP to get you on a home listed through a “flat fee” broker the National Association of Realtors  is not considered a FSBO since it becomes available to all other cooperating brokers in that MLS. Caveat: When using a Flat-Fee Service you typically have to agree to pay a pre-set commission to a buyer’s agent to list with a flat fee service.

You may not want to do this if  you wish to sell the property yourself without paying  any commissions, but at least call and ask what the commission to a buyers agent would be.

How to find a flat fee broker: google Flat Fee with the name of your city and state ) will place you on Local MLS., Zillow, Trulia and many other Sites.        A licensed broker in your local market can help you prepare the paperwork, which is a bit overwhelming at times. A reasonable flat fee for just the paperwork is around $1k.

Thus, by going with the flat fee broker, you actually get a good bit more visibility beyond as well through sites that pull from’s information and the MLS’s data feeds. REMEMBER: With a flat fee broker, while it may seem like you have an agent, you actually negotiate for yourself and have little or no support from the listing office.

This was posted by the DOJ: “Consumers who live in states permitting the option to choose innovative brokerage options, such as rebates or fee-for-service MLS-only packages, can potentially save thousands of dollars on commission payments.“…The Importance of Competition in Real Estate to Consumers
(A lot of Real Estate Info on the Department of Justice site)


MARKETING YOUR HOME: The power of  marketing  can help you get multiple offers and a lot more than the commission percentage difference for your property. Create a panoramic using your Iphone and post it on  Youtube with good descriptive info.


REALTORS TELL US THAT A  REALTOR IS FREE TO A BUYER. IS THIS TRUE?     The reality is  that someone is going to pay the realtor.  Although at closing the commission  comes from the sellers side, the realtor representing the buyer (the buyers agent) gets a cut. That is also why the sellers agent will work hard to get the biggest amount of money for the seller…. so that the Realtors both make more commission from the higher selling price .  (So, no, technically the buyers agent is not free to the buyer, afterall.)

They may help buyers do some “homework” but that is pretty expensive work they do

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KanOkla 100 mile garage sale September 11th and 12, 2015

The 8th annual KanOkla.100+ Mile Highway Sale is SEPTEMBER 11TH AND 12TH. NE Oklahoma and SE Kansas. 12 towns participating with citywide yard sales. Individuals holding garage sales along the highway. There are also HUGE group sites in Dewey and Copan, Oklahoma. Also in Caney, Coffeyville, and Independence, Kansas. Lots of antiques and collectibles in these sales! Over 30 antique shops along the route. Dealers clean out storage buildings and hold stock all year, JUST FOR THIS SALE! Bring your trucks and trailers.

Dewey Merchant Co-op, will have a consignment auction, in downtown Dewey on Thursday, September 10th, at 5:30, just in time to give you something to do before you start shopping. Vendor spots available. Mark your calendar and grab a friend!! Follow us on Facebook call 918-534-9937.

If you missed the 100 Mile Yard Sale in Missouri Fri and Sat of Labor Day Weekend mark your calendar for next year.


  • 690 mile garage sale on the 127 Corridor will be in August 4-7 2016
  • Google: 100 mile garage sale and you will see plenty of sales!



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Make a Difference Day ~ Saturday, October 24, 2015

Make A Difference Day, held on the fourth Saturday in October, is the largest single-day of volunteering in the country, as millions of Americans nationwide unite to do good for others.

Every single one of us has the power to do something that improves the life of another. No matter who you are or where you’re from, anyone can accomplish amazing things when they take on the needs they see in their community. Every contribution makes a difference, whether it is helping one person  or working on a project  that benefits a whole community.

Additionally, registering your project puts you in the running for one of fourteen $10,000 grants from Newman’s Own so your project can make an even bigger impact.

Want to know more? Go to:  to read both  the FAQs and Resources.

Would love to hear ideas if there is something you plan to do, in your area.

Shhhh! If you want to use this to get ahead in your career check this out: volunteer work leads to job promotions


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