Baby Boomers Going Back to School (College)

In one of many such arrangements across the country, Dallas County residents age 65 and over get up to six hours’ tuition free at Richland College every semester. (Huffington Post)

Numerous discounts, tuition waivers and other deals make it possible  for retirees–even those living on a fixed income to attend college classes.

According to a financial aid expert with and there are many opportunities for senior citizens get help paying for their  college classes.

Financial arrangements (such as auditing classes for free or a tuition reduction for those receiving credit) vary widely by school as do the age requirements which are  generally for ages 60-65 and over.

Oklahoma offers state-authorized tuition waivers as well as discounts to senior citizens wishing to educate themselves at its public colleges and universities. Be sure and discuss your needs and goals with the admissions department of the institution you desire to attend.

Don’t forget to ask your tax advisor about Uncle Sam’s $10,000 lifetime senior citizen deduction for higher education!


The Senior Scholarships program provides $1,000 education awards for people 55 or older who volunteer 350 or more hours a year. The money may be used for the volunteer’s own education or transferred to a child, foster child or grandchild.

The American Opportunity tax credit can lower taxes for students of any age dollar-for-dollar for the first $2,000 spent on tuition, fees and course materials. The credit also applies to 25 percent of the second $2,000. Unless extended, the temporary credit expires at year’s end (2010).

More seniors might head back to school if they knew about the deep discounts and freebies – or lived near colleges. As it is, education remains an untapped resource for most.

See entire list of discounts for Baby Boomers born in 1955 and before.

See World-Class Colleges and Universities offer classes for free

Free online courses and how to find them

Bill Gates’ favorites,  in 2018, include Khan Academy,, The Great Courses from The Teaching Company and Big History.

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2 Responses to Baby Boomers Going Back to School (College)

  1. Rocky says:

    10 websites to get textbooks for free

    swappet app allows you to buy used textbooks at a fraction of the price, along with selling your old ones.

  2. C.C. says:

    Many colleges and universities allow older adults to audit or take classes for credit, as well as host lifelong learning programs for adults 50 and over.

    If you are at least 60 to 65, a number of public colleges will let you enroll in credit courses without paying tuition, if space is available.

    The average price tag for a master’s degree in 2011-12 was nearly $23,000. You may qualify for financial aid; there are no age restrictions on federal loan programs. But be sure you don’t borrow more than you can afford to pay back, says Mark Kantrowitz with

    The Lifetime Learning Credit is worth up to $2,000 a year for qualiied education expenses, and, unlike the American Opportunity Tax Credit, it is available for any number of years. You can claim the credit to pay for tuition, textbooks and supplies as long as your modified adjusted gross income is less than $65,000 in 2015, or $130,000 if married filing jointly.

    Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, or OLLI for short ( ly/findanolli) You generally pay a membership fee to access courses on everything from European history to shooting iPhone videos. If there’s no OLLI in your vicinity, you may find a local school that offers a similar program.

    MOOCS (Massive open online courses): college-level courses available to anyone. Search listings from the major providers at For technical and creative skills, browse the tutorials at Lynda subscriptions start at $20 a month for unlimited access to all videos, but your library card may let you log in free.

    Educational tours. Some alumni associations, museums and nonprofit groups, notably Road Scholar, offer educational tours around the world. The tours can be pricey, so ask whether the company has any “special offers.”

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