Lavender- the many uses

Lavender Farm in Oregon

Image credit: Slidinandridin06

In documented use for over 2,500 years, lavender is one of  the world’s favorite all time herbs, used for medicinal purposes and enjoyed by both men and women for its fresh scent.

In France, which has replaced Britain as the world leader of the lavender trade, lavender is a useful, everyday ingredient in dish soap, detergent and household cleaners.

In the U.S. lavender interest has surged nationwide in the past few years with the fragrance becoming fashionable again. Downy fabric softener has a lavender and vanilla fragrance and dial soap has a new lavender fragrance.

Many vineyards around  the world,  now grow lavender as a beautiful and extremely profitable vineyard companion. Aside from the economic boost and agriculture diversity lavender offers, lavender farms also create secondary  jobs, in tourism, retail and manufacturing while increasing income  for businesses providing the farms with supplies.

A thriving agri-tourism centered around lavender, visitors  come to the area  to see lavender in bloom providing a spectacular purple show. Visitors spend money both at the lavender farms  and around the area for things such as gasoline, lodging, meals. With more people needed to work to serve the tourists the more jobs it creates. Some growers assure us that anyone can grow lavender.  Tourism affects every person and every business in an area. Businesses centered around lavender include:

  • Crafts  by local artisans using lavender from the farms.
  • tea rooms
  • bed and breakfast
  • open gardens
  • nurseries
  • lavender festivals
  • gift shops

Ways that Lavender is used:

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