Tulsa – Entertainment Coupons and Discounts (Senior Citizens)

Tulsa Skyline

Tulsa Skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tulsa pictures to look at and enjoy.

Always ask if there is a Senior Discount when you buy a ticket.


CASINOS– Some casinos consider 50 a Senior Citizen and have specials.


  • Gilcrease Museum:Free admission with membership  (Senior Admission $6 for age 62+)
  • Philbrook Museum Ask for Senior Discount age 62+ (HOWEVER, the second Saturday each month is a free day (10am to 4pm). Family friendly for adults as well as children of all ages.



Prefer to stay home? Comfort TV

Or want to travel? Travel and Vacation Discounts for Baby Boomers and Other Seniors

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1 Response to Tulsa – Entertainment Coupons and Discounts (Senior Citizens)

  1. Kelsey says:

    -Super Saver movie was .50 31 and Sher and $1.50 daily (Always verify as this might change.)
    -NEATS- Northeast Active Timers 55+ participation excursions trips and local and area events 918 280-8656
    -Cheap fun- tea parties
    -Twilight (Tues. nights in summer)
    watch old movies on line (You can even connect your computer to your tv to watch them on the tv screen!)
    -Mary Janes farm mag
    -OK Mozart June
    -J.M. Davis gun museum and Will Rogers

    Free and fun places to visit- list of free things to do
    Philbrook, 2nd St free
    Woodward Park
    LaFortune fish-Tulsa
    Rhema lights in November and December
    -Places to fish for free in Tulsa
    -Symphony at Sunset (Sept)
    -Swan Lake
    -Philtower tunnels
    – Ancient forest by Mannford

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