Foods That Freeze Well

A freezer in Queens, NY, USA filled with Israe...

Image credit: NYC2TLV

Go ahead and buy them up when on sale, then freeze until you need them.

We all know that you can freeze raw meat, such as beef  pork and chicken. Cooking it first may lead to freezer burn

  • Milk (it will separate so after thawing be sure to shake well before   using)
  • Vegetables such as Bell Peppers, Broccoli crowns, Celery, Onions, Cauliflower, carrots (cut up as soon as you get home from the grocery & freeze in freezer bags  for quick soups, stews & stir fry)
  • Chips, such as Doritoes. They won’t freeze solid….They will just stay crisp. Seriously. Try it.
  • Breads and baked goods do well in the freezer. This includes cakes, pies, bagels, muffins,  quick and yeast breads both as dough/batter or baked, cookies raw or baked and pizza crusts raw or baked.
  • Butter and margarine freeze great.
  • Beans freeze well  and it is so much less expensive to buy dry ones, soak them and cook them yourself.
  • Rice (can be cooked ahead and frozen.)
  • Potatoes must be cooked before freezing to insure they don’t turn black.
  • Cheese will be fine for cooking or melting but its is too crumbly for  easy slicing.
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