World-class universities & colleges offer free courses

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A handful of world-class universities and colleges now offer free courses, assignments, and lectures via the World Wide Web, using a variety of means that include streaming video, podcasts, and downloadable lecture notes.

18 states offer free college for Seniors!

Here is where they are talking about it.

Go to the school’s website, scroll through the list of available courses and lectures, make your selection, and download.

Some of the most respected of these schools include:

* University of California at Berkeley (Physics]
* Tufts University
* Stanford University (engineering) free classes Learn all about programming and robotics.
* Carnegie Mellon University
* University of Washington free classes
* Utah State University
* Johns Hopkins University
* University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering
* University of Notre Dame
* Yale University
* Princeton
* Utah State University
* New York University
* University of California-Irvine (currently offering paralegal classes- )
* Berklee College of Music
* Brigham Young
* Dixie State College of Utah
* United Nations University
* University of Massachusetts (Boston)
* Kaplan
* Michigan State
* NJIT -New Jersey’s Science and Technology
* Weber State
* Western Governors
* University of Michigan
* University of Utah
* Gresham College(U.K.)
* MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) See below for some of the choices from MIT
Choices at MIT:
* Aeronautics and Astronautics
* Anthropology
* Architecture
* Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
* Biological Engineering
* Biology
* Brain and Cognitive Sciences
* Chemical Engineering
* Chemistry
* Civil and Environmental Engineering
* Comparative Media Studies
* Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
* Economics
* Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
* Engineering Systems Division
* Experimental Study Group
* Foreign Languages and Literatures
* Health Sciences and Technology
* History
* Linguistics and Philosophy
* Literature
* Materials Science and Engineering
* Mathematics
* Mechanical Engineering
* Media Arts and Sciences
* Music and Theater Arts
* Nuclear Science and Engineering
* Physics

http://=…sical Mechanics
* Political Science
* Science, Technology, and Society
* Sloan School of Management
* Special Programs
* Supplemental Resources
* Urban Studies and Planning
* Women’s and Gender Studies
* Writing and Humanistic Studies

Open courseware by country

Coursera is a great way to sign up for free and take on-line classes in your spare time, at 140 universities in 28 countries including  Stanford, Yale and Princeton.    These professor-instructed classes even include Photography Basics and Beyond (Michigan State). Get help by chatting online with students around the world who are taking the same class. Choose the type of class you’d like to take, such as Computer Science, Math, Language and others.


Many schools offer free tuition to students 60 and older for-credit classes Colleges and universities in some states offer free tuition for audited classes only, but many allow full participation.
The best way to find out how you can benefit is simply to call the college or university you’re interested in attending and ask.

Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation. ~ John F. Kennedy
35th president of US 1961-1963 (1917 – 1963)

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  1. Chill says:

    3 Diploma Programs Turn Test Scores and Life Experience into College Credit
    It is possible to earn legitimate college credit by taking a free online class. The process isn’t always easy. But, if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops, you could complete a degree requirement by studying free online class materials.

    Thomas Edison State College Basics:
    Excelsior College
    Charter Oak State College

    You may earn a regionally accredited degree from one of these programs, or you may transfer the credits you earn to a traditional college. Note that most colleges will still charge you a tuition fee for credit earned non-traditionally.

    With the help of your counselor, select a free online class. Talk to an academic adviser at your college to get help choosing a free online class. The counselor will help you select a class that fulfills your credit needs and help you understand what will be required to earn formal credit.

    • Linda says:

      Love learning new things? The internet has made it possible for everyone to gain access to courses offered by higher education institutions which include MIT, Yale, Stanford, Harvard and other prestigious institutions without you having to spend lots of money to take school classes, commuting or having to do the required homework!
      “Massive Open Online Courses ( MOOCs) which have grown in popularity make it possible to learn from some of the best professors out there, without the pricey cost of tuition.

      Academic Earth. makes it easy to locate the courses you’re interested in by offering hundreds of course videos from colleges and universities around the world.

      You can view entire courses in virtually any subject. There are also playlists that mix and match lectures to cover specific topics.
      Philosophy, math, astronomy, art or entrepreneurship are a few of the topics are available.

      This site is a great find for anyone who loves learning new things. Students can use videos for reports with the site’s citation function.
      It’s a good resource for job hunters. Updating knowledge in your field and being able to demonstrate that you care about continuing education can give you an edge in the job market.

      For high schoolers…but you might tell your grandkids..
      Free college if you go to public school in Kalamazoo Michigan and want to go to college, it paid for IF you attend one of Michigan’s state supported colleges or universities and get good grades. “KALAMAZOO PROMISE’

  2. Chill says:

    More on open courseware

    Open University

    The Cape Town Open Education Declaration

    Flatworld Knowledge

    Open High School of Utah

    Creative Commons

    Open culture (Lots of good info.)

    250 courses free top universities 

    Free video courses from leading universities 

    10 10 Free online classes to help you get ahead on the job 10

    20 Free online finance courses 

    Stephen Downes on Open Source Assessment 

    About Open Education  

    Free Learning AARP sings it’s praises.  

    Archive Org  

    Small Business Administration -SBA free classes Learn how to prepare a business plan. Get tips on making money online. You can even consider international trade.  

    CPR Knowing CPR can help you save a life. CPR instructions and guides here won’t replace professional CPR training. But it’s a good introduction to the topic 

    Learning without any pressure (Learn on your own time; at your own pace with their flash cards (a proven learning tool). Dozens of different topics. Foreign languages are the most popular. But you’ll also find lessons in science, history, math and more.

    Free photography classes online (BBC Wildlife) series covers everything about shooting pictures outdoors with step-by-step shooting guides and advice from expert photographers.

    7 universities with online biology courses

    Learning foreign languages

    Mandarian Chinese free classes

    100 free cutting edge college course for the unemployed

    Computer programming. We have all heard about Ethan Nicholas, who earned $800,000 by writing an artillery game called “iShoot” for the iPhone. If you want to try your own hand, consider auditing Stanford’s Computer Science 193P: iPhone Application Programming. The 10-week undergraduate course attracted 150 students for only 50 spots when it was introduced on campus last fall. Online viewers see the same lectures as classroom students.
    Learning new words by giving the definition

    Have your paper proofread for free

    Indian Institutes of Technology – In India, there are seven institutes dedicated to training some of the world’s top scientists and engineers, making the country an up and coming world power. They are collectively known as the IITs, or the Indian Institutes of Technology. And now more than 50 IIT courses are being made available in English on YouTube for free.

    See also open education resource

  3. Dave says:

    If you really want a college degree look into work study.

    And here are some grants and scholarships if you want to go to school. information about applying on-line and college financing. which searches more than 600,000 scholarships totaling $1 billion for help locating scholarship and loan money. Not all of FastWeb’s finds are based on academic merit. Fill out an extensive questionnaire (including hobbies, affiliations and career goals) and the site seeks out scholarships that match your profile. It’s rife with ads and special offers, so be careful when checking boxes. FastWeb is the largest FREE scholarship search on the Internet, database contains more than 400,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion. A stellar source for sorting out the loan process, including help filling out complex forms. is an exhaustive list of sites and organizations offering financial aid to the college bound Another big scholarship search site, with important information on scholarship scams. (not real sure about this one….be sure to do proper due diligence!) Explains all the various financial aid options and ways to apply. will let you search for scholarships, based on your personal profile.

    For students who aren’t headed to college next fall, it’s never too soon to start saving. UPROMISE touts a new spend-‘n’-save offer. When you or designated family members buy at participating companies, such as Lands’ End, AT&T and ZanyBrainy, 1% to 10% is siphoned into a tax-free college fund, sort of a college 401(k). Sign up at and monitor your account on a private, secure page.

    But first, check a sites privacy policy. Some companies offer free scholarship searches to get information they can sell to online marketers, which, while not illegal, can generate a lot of spam. If you can’t find a privacy policy, don’t use the site.Some may simply print a list from a Web site and charge students $30. Some are outright scams. The Federal Trade Commission, shows that as that more families seek financial assistance for college there are more opportunities for fraudsters and the reports had risen by 50% in 2002.

    There are legitimate businesses that will help you navigate the financial aid maze for a fee, which funds student loans. Signs that a firm isn’t on the level:

    • A scholarship search company may advertise that that millions — or even billions — of scholarships go unclaimed every year (a popular myth promoted by unscrupulous search firms). In reality, competition for most scholarships is fierce. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which awarded $26 million to 7,500 students last year also turned away about 6,000 qualified applicants because of lack of funds.
    • Be particularly wary of a company that guarantees it will get you a scholarship without even first reviewing your qualifications.

    • Some con artists asks for a credit card or bank account number to “hold” a scholarship for you as as tactic to get financial information from students.

    Other useful Internet sites:

    BEOG sometimes called the Pell Grant
    Box 84
    Washington DC 20044 (Need based, it does not have to be repaid.)

    Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
    Federal Government up to 2,000 per yr- need based




    (Each college will have their own offerings. Be sure to check their website to contact the financial aid administrators at the colleges you applied to, as many schools have their own programs. There are several financial aid application forms. All basically have the same in for with minor differences. The major forms are those of the federal government-AFSA (The College Scholarship Services-FAF & the American Testing Program.d

    Check the school you wish to attend by going to and typing in the name of the school with the word “scholarships” after it.

    The Federal Government has money for educational costs. Write: Consumer Information Center Pueblo, Colorado 81009
    Ask for the student guide

    CLEP The College Board
    Box 1822
    Princeton, NJ 08541 Use your life experiences to get out of some of the required classes you need for your degree.

    Box 50
    College Board
    888 Seventh Ave
    New York, NY 10019

    Send S.A.S.E. to:
    College Money
    Info USA
    1000 Connecticut Ave
    NW Ave
    Washington, DC 20036

    Perkins Loan is a low interest (5 percent) loan for undergraduates and graduates with exceptional need.



    More places to look for grants:

    Check to see if you can qualify for any government benefits or grants for doctoral dissertation, humanitarian, grants, student loans, etc. :

    Google these keywords together (just like this): educational grants for low income women

    Educational grants for women over 55

    Free college grants and scholarship information

    Goofy name but good information:

    US Dept of Education:

    Major National Scholarship Programs








    Some Scholarships for Unique Students:
    Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA offers a scholarship for lefthanded people.

    Gertrude J.Deppen scholarship at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA for a student from Mt Carmel, PA who shall not be a habitual user of tobacco, intoxicatingliquor and narcotics and shall not participate in strenuous athletic contests.

    United Daughters of the Confederacy scholarship. Student must prove direct descent from a “worthy” Confederate soldier and write an essay on the ancestor’s exploits.d

    Chick and Sophie Major Memorial

    The Mycological Society of America sponsors several graduate fellowships for students interested in mold and spores.

    Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship.

    Zolp Scholarship which pays the full, four-year tuition at Loyola University in Chicago is limited to Catholic students whose last name is Zolp.

    Francis Ouimet Caddie Scholarship Fund: $500-$5,000 to a

    The International Boar Semen Scholarship: $500 to Future Farmers of America who want to study swine management.

    The New England chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance:$500 to college bound high school seniors who are fat.

    John Gatling Scholarship, named for the inventor of the Gatling gun, an early machine gun: full scholarship to North Carolina State University to students named Gatling or Gatlin

    The Joseph Bulova School in the New York City borough of Queens offers a $15,000 scholarship to disabled foreign students who want to study watchmaking.

    The Billy Barty Foundation, established by the 3 foot 9 inch actor whose movie credits include “Willow” and “Rumpelstiltskin,” gives $2,000 scholarships to “students of short stature”.

    UOC in California is looking for an orphan who would like to become an aeronautical engineer.

    If your last name is Pennoyer, Downer or Ellis, you can get thousands of dollars of free money, regardless of need.


    Financing your education/scholarships (Deaf, blind or other physical disabilities.)

    Disabled students

    Scholarships that require no essay:

    Unusual college scholarships

    Tylenol scholarship

    BURLINGTON NORTHERN (search for scholarship using the year for the upcoming school year

    Some companies, such as AT&T offer scholarships for children, step-children and grandchildren of active and retired employees. Check with your employer to see if the company you work for offers any.

    Check with the Association of Realtors in your state.
    Unions may have them, if your parent, spouse or you belong to one.

    MICROSOFT.COM to pursue studies in computer science and related technical disciplines.

    If you are Black, Hispanic, Native American or any minority, there is money waiting for you.



    Being a Christian will get you into several programs. Check with the church where you are a member.

    Princeton Review

    Student Service Awards

    The University of North Carolina will pay college costs of low-income students who work 10-12 hours in federal work study.
    ($28,000 a year household income for a family of 4 or $18,000 single parent with 1 child)

    Wal-Mart Scholarship Programs

    Educational Financial Aid Sources for Women

    Ask your school specifically about the Clairol Scholarships one as it seems that Clairol has several scholarships:

    Clairol Pamphlet
    Box 14680
    Baltimore, MD 2268
    (If over 30 and within 2 yrs of graduation)

    Clairol Loving Care Scholarship
    345 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10154
    (30 years or older, enrolled in undergrad or masters
    program and in professional and vocational schools.

    Clairol Scholarship for female role models who have overcome obstacles & changed their lives after the age of thirty

    Clairol Scholarship Program
    c/c National Women’s Economic Alliance Foundation
    1440 New York Avenue NW Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20005
    phone: 1-202-638-1200

    Clairol Loving Care Scholarship Program.
    This scholarship is for women age 30 and older who are continuing post-secondary education. Scholarships up to $1,000 are available for full- or part-time study in vocational schools, undergraduate college degree programs, or graduate work at the master’s or professional level.


    TULSA CITY COUNTY LIBRARY DOWNTOWN 4th FLOOR HAS A WHOLE FLOOR DEDICATED TO GRANTS!dand be prepared to spend several hours, looking atresearch material for any type of scholarship related to your desired field of study.

    TULSA CITY/COUNTY LIBRARY DOWNTOWN reference room has a number of reference books on college tuition aid programs for students and they cover every aspect of college expense assistance.

    While at the library, check:

    The College Blue Book Series Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans by S. Norman Feingold

    The College Money Handbook by Petersons College Guides

    The College Money Book- How to get a High Quality Educ at the lowest possible cost

    Directory of Financial Aids for Women by Gail Ann Schlachter

    You can buy scholarship-oriented books and use them to cross-reference library, material.

    Touch base with the Chamber of Commerce and several local organizations.

    Write to the address where the scholarship is listed. You may find that some won’t be exactly as the book says so be persistent and write to every single one that looks remotely like it would work for you. (Some write to as many as 85 to 100.) Money is everywhere, but you have to uncover it.


    Each state offers its residents different loans, grants, scholarships, and financial aid packages. Check OKLAHOMA HIGHER EDUCATION WEBSITE

    State student incentive grant (state and federal govts) varies from state to state Federal Student Financial Aid Info Center 1 800 4 Fed Aid(Ask a high school counselor or library for the address.) Some
    programs are funded by the federal government, but administered by the state.

    Veterans’ Programs. Many states have funds for veterans and their dependents.Programs and awards vary from state to state.

    A few industries that will pay for school if you are working for them….hospitals, insurance, public utilities and in good years, high tech.

    Many hospitals will pay for employees schooling if the employee will agree to work a certain length of time at that hospital.



    Mississippi rural physicians scholarships

    More on medical scholarships;_ylt=A0oGdCxw3n1MYi4BETVXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDMjc2NjY3OQRfcgMyBGFvAzAEZnIDeWhzLWF2ZwRob3N0cHZpZAN1d0lIUlVvR2RJeE5JblFyUzNEcTdBZ2dSeDN5bkV4OTNuQUFDeUpDBG5fZ3BzAzAEbl92cHMDMARvcmlnaW4Dc3JwBHF1ZXJ5A21lZGljYWwgcnVyYWwgc2Nob2xhcnNoaXBzIC0uYXUgIC1hdXN0cmFsaWFuBHNhbwMxBHZ0ZXN0aWQDYXZn?

    Women’s Sports Foundation and do a search for scholarships

    BPW (Business and Professional Women) (search for scholarships) They do have a link for Veterans.

    Jeannette Rankin FOR LOW INCOME WOMEN OVER 35 or

    Grant P.Buckley Moss scholarship

    A list of scholarships


    New York’s Bard College, one of the more elite, expensive colleges in the country offers a unique and generous financial aid program that allow students from a broad range of family incomes to attend.

    The Excellence and Equal cost (EED) scholarship allow a a public high school senior whose cumulative grade-point average is among the top ten in his or her graduating class to attend Bard for what it would cost to attend a four-year public college or university in his or her home state.

    The college provides scholarships for students who are committed to majoring in the hard sciences: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics or economics. It also helps recent immigrants and those who are committed to aiding their communities.

    In additon to the federal and state programs, one can receive both merit- and need-based scholarships from Bard, including a room and board scholarship. Low income families are welcome.

    Bard’s varied financial aid programs allow students from an expansive socioeconomic range to attend a very selective college and create meaningful friendships with people from different backgrounds.


    Where can I find money for college?

    Use NETing College Financial Aid in the library’s Online Research Center to find a list of resources for students.

    Search for “scholarships” and “grants”

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  5. Dana Mary says:

    Alice Lloyd College– High school graduates from Central Appalachia (a 108-county area) are eligible for free tuition. Everyone is required to participate in the Student Work Program. Room and board fees are the responsibility of the student, as are books and supplies. Outside grants and scholarships can be used to cover these costs.
    Berea College -All students receive a full four-year scholarship and a laptop computer (which they get to keep). Additional financial aid is available to help with room and board. Earnings from the Work Program can be used to buy books and to cover personal expenses. You can even charge the cost of your books and supplies at the beginning of the semester, and then have funds deducted from your paychecks until you finish paying them off.
    College of the Ozarks -Nicknamed Hard Work U, students receive free tuition in exchange for 15 hours of work each week and two 40-hour work weeks when school isn’t in session. A summer work scholarship is available to help with room and board, books and other living expenses.
    Cooper Union- Every student accepted into the undergraduate or graduate program receives a full-tuition scholarship (excludes the Masters of Architecture II program).
    Curtis Institute of Music All students – diploma, undergraduate, graduate and those in certificate programs – receive a full-tuition scholarship.
    Deep Springs College A two-year men’s college (trying to go co-ed). They accept 26 students, and award each a full scholarship, which covers tuition, room and board. All students must work on the school’s cattle ranch and alfalfa farm.
    Macaulay Honors College at CUNY As the Honors College of The City University of New York, Macaulay offers students a free, individualized education. Enroll at one of the eight CUNY colleges. Then, take advantage of additional seminars and advisory sessions at Macaulay. Students also receive a free laptop at the start of freshman year.
    United States Air Force Academy Pursue one of 30 majors free of charge. Must serve as an officer in the Air Force upon graduation. Length of commitment depends on course of study.
    United States Coast Guard Academy Earn a bachelor’s of science degree in your chosen discipline at no-cost to you. After graduation, you must serve in the military for at least five years.
    United States Merchant Marines Academy Earn a free bachelor’s of science degree and your U.S. Coast Guard license, plus get to spend a year at sea. All graduates are commissioned officers of the U.S. Armed Forces, and must fulfill a service obligation: five years in any of the armed forces or five years in the maritime industry with eight years in the reserves.
    United States Military Academy West Point offers 42 majors, covering a broad range of disciplines. Participation in athletics is mandatory, and military service is required upon graduation.
    United States Naval Academy Pursue a degree in one of 24 subject areas, in exchange for five years of active-duty service upon graduation. Students (referred to as midshipmen) also receive monthly pay while at the academy.
    Webb Institute – an engineering school with one program of study. All students double major in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and must participate in four Winter Work terms. A full-tuition scholarship is awarded to each student upon acceptance. Room and board costs apply, but could be covered with outside scholarships and grants.

  6. Dana says:

    Many schools offer free tuition to students 60 and older for-credit classes here. Colleges and universities in some states offer free tuition for audited classes only, but many allow full participation.
    In Arkansas, for example, all public colleges and universities offer free tuition to students 60 and older taking for-credit classes.

    Simply to call the college or university you’re interested in attending and ask.

  7. Gorden says:

    1. broadcasts free live classes with the world’s top experts in photography, business, design, craft, and audio. There’s over 1,000+ classes with seasoned experts in every industry.

    2. -Connect with experienced professionals in any industry, for 10 minutes of free, 1-on-1 advice over video chat.

    3. – A free personal coaching and goal-tracking app with access to over 750+ personal coaches and a vibrant community to help you define and achieve your goals.

    4. -Join over 5 million learners in highly actionable online classes backed by Harvard, MIT, and other prestigious universities & organizations from around the world.

    5. -Take in-person or online classes, taught by certified experts, on a wide range of technology, business, design, and marketing-related topics.

    6. -If you want to learn how to build a website, app, or launch an online business, Treehouse has over 169,000 students learning from well over 1,000 online classes on these topics.

    7. -Learn the most in-demand digital skills from Skillcrush’s various immersive, 3-month Career Blueprint programs that are designed to give you marketable new tech skills, quickly.

    8. -Get short, digestible, daily lessons delivered straight to your email inbox each morning on topics related to happiness, creativity, history, and more.

    9. -As one of the first large online education platforms, Lynda features over 4,000 classes in business, design, development, photography, and much more.

    10. -Get access to bite-sized micro video & audio classes from top professionals in personal development, health & wellness, business, and more.

    11. -Learn to code for free, in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and more.

    12. -Join over 1 million students in learning creative skills from over 1,000 online courses taught by successful professionals in business, design, writing, and more.

    13. Ted Talks -Watch incredibly motivating short talks and lectures about education, leadership, life, purpose, passion, and so much more.

    14. -Earn nanodegrees in web development, building mobile apps, data science, and more.

    15. -Choose from over 1,500 online courses on machine learning, project management, data analysis, and other technical skills.

    16. MIT’s OpenCourseWare -Access all of the learning materials used in every MIT class, directly through their OpenCourseWare project.

    17. -Insightful articles, videos, and workbooks featuring insights and tutorials from well-known experts in business, design, health, and more.

    18. -Browse from over 35,000 online courses from teachers and experts around the world on web development, photography, business, and more.

    19. SkilledUp – Get access to online courses, articles, and audio recordings from experienced developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

    20. -Choose from over 20,000 online training courses designed specifically for navigating challenges in your business.

    21. -Learn any language in this fun, engaging online learning platform.

    22. -Connect with, and learn from industry experts over live 1-on-1 video consultation sessions.

    23. -Choose from group workshops, part-time, or full-time live 1-on-1 learning from certified professionals in development, design, and data science.

    24. SitePoint
    Access thousands of video tutorials, online books, and classes for web developers & designers.

    25. Free online classes in math, science, art, computer programming, history, economics, and more.

    26. Join this free creative online platform that teaches you how to speak new languages through bite-sized lessons, challenges, and resources.

  8. Gorden says:

    Want to learn how to speak another language, or learn how to use business tools to help you move on to a new career path? there are many sites out there that can help you accomplish almost anything.

    GCFLearnFree.Org is an incredibly deep online learning site from the Goodwill Community Foundation. On the site, there are thousands of video lessons covering 125 topics, taught by professional educators. Topics are geared to everyone from kids, to college students, to people who want to learn English, or even adults who need to beef up on job skills, like learning to write a resume or using Microsoft Office.

    GCFLearnFree.Org has taught millions of people in well over 100 countries.

  9. Tracy says:

    As one said, college education sounds good but numbers aren’t there for finding a job when you graduate.
    John Ratzenberger has a better idea.

  10. Kelsey says: – non-profit organization of colleges and universities serving as the national advocate for voluntary self-regulation through accreditation. Resource center is your online degree information hub. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission

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