Vinegar as weedkiller? Use the right one.

10% and 20% Vinegar is used for weed killer

USDA tests show that spot treatment of weeds and grasses sprayed with vinegar is an effective and economical weed killer. Nature’s Guide offers pre-mixed solutions of 10% and 20% vinegar as a safe, natural, and effective herbicide for all types of unwanted vegetation. Use horticultural vinegar to kill all kinds of green weeds. Simply spray the target plant with undiluted vinegar. Vinegar works best when applied on a warm, sunny day.

10% Vinegar mixture (32 oz. – 4.99.) should work on most small plants while the  20% Vinegar solution would be for hard-to-kill plants.

5% vinegar  found at the grocery store won’t work as well. Ask Lowe’s or Home Depot lawn dept to order it  if you don’t want to order on line at: .

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