Homeowners Association Fees in Tulsa

Many homeowners associations use their dues to pay for amenities such as trails, parks, clubroom, golf, and  gates. Pool memberships are completely separate.

A range of homeowners fees found in Tulsa:

  • Bentley Village $175 per year
  • Berkshire $90 per calendar year
  • Boman Acres $135 per year
  • Bridle Trail Estates  $100 year
  • Burning Tree (NOTE: there are 5 subdivisions that have the words “Burning Tree” in the legal name. That is the actual name of one of them–simply Burning Tree. Each subdivision  is part of a homeowners association and the associations are not tied together, according to the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Burning Tree Master Association can assess  three of the home owners associations. Scroll down to the bottom for explanation. 
  • Burning Tree South (BTS) has zero  ($0) HOA Dues (Burning Tree South subdivision is NOT a part of Burning Tree Master Association.    An important letter from the President of the association for Burning Tree South subdivision.
  • Chimney Hills annual fee $80
  • Forestcreek $50 per year (Pool membership – separate fee. )
  • Forest Ridge
  • Heatherridge $33.25 per year
  • Hoover  $40 (Households that pay  HOA fee can purchase pool membership for $140.00)
  • Longview Estates $120 per year
  • Maple Ridge $50 per year
  • Park Plaza South $50 per year /$45 a year for Seniors.  Neighborhood directory is published annually and is free to all members. A few of the many things Park Plaza does with our $50 a year membership  (Homeowners who care to use the pool may  purchase a pool membership for the season separately for pool $190.00 for two people; $345 up to 4 children)
  • Shadow Mountain $75 year  (VOLUNTARY) (homeowners who pay the homeowners association fee may purchase a  pool membership for the season from nearby beautiful Park Plaza South pool (two people can enjoy the season for only $190.00.)
  • Shadow Ridge $35 per year
  • Stonecreek Farms $250 (This is a new addition; everything is new: pool plus splash pad, lake area with fountains, a beach sand area and playground.)
  • Sungate $78 per yr – yes, to take care of amenities, year-round litter pick-up, creek cleanup,  newsletters, and the  annual “block party” we only pay $78!!!!  Individuals and families who care to use the pool may purchase separate pool membership for the season for a Family of 6 for only $290.00  before April 1, 2012 or only $15 more than that after April 1, 2012. (BEAUTIFUL POOL!)
  • Swan Lake $25.00 Annual recommended membership dues are not mandatory.
  • The Crescent $130 per year ($270,000 price range homes) 
  • The Village @ Woodcreek III $150 year(Houses in $315,000 price range)

How do these prices compare to your homeowners fees for the same price range? Please feel free to add your homeowners fee to help build this list.  We will update the above list as quickly as possible, after you notify us. (Keep them coming!)


  • Plat 3741 Burning Tree East Certificate of Dedication
  • Plat 3882 Burning Tree West Certificate of Dedication
  • Plat 4201 Burning Tree Plaza Certificate of Dedication
  • PLAT 3639 Burning Tree South Certificate of Dedication
  • Plat 3468 Burning Tree Certificate of Dedication Notice that the legal name of this subdivision is Burning Tree, NOT “Burning Tree One” as some confused Burning Tree Master Association board members mistakenly refer to it. Burning Tree Master Association tried to use this for all of the subdivisions that have Burning Tree in their name. however, Tulsa County land records confirmed that  Burning Tree Master Association does NOT have a Certificate of Dedication. (The particular Plat and Deed of Dedication the BTMA claims is for all of the area is, in fact,  only for one subdivision–this one with the legal name of Burning Tree.  Click on the links above to see the Plat  (map) that each Certificate of Dedication covers. Tulsa County advised that only the area on those plats is what is in the Certificate of Dedication. Reading the Certificate of Dedication shows that while lot owners in all  five subdivisions do have an easement* to use the facilities of Burning Tree Master Association only Burning East, Burning Tree West and Burning Tree Plaza can be assessed lawfully by the Burning Tree Master Association. (Each of the five sets of covenants state that lot owners have an easement to use the facilities of the BTMA if they follow their rules and regulations. The by-laws of the BTMA do allow the BTMA to charge a usage fee so lot owners in Burning Tree  and Burning Tree South may have to pay when they use their easement.)  For a clearer copy of  the Certificate of Dedication for Burning Tree subdivision that this BTMA board, in their confusion calls “Burning Tree One” go here: Neighborhood covenants for Burning Tree.

Compare Burning Tree East, Burning Tree West and Burning Tree Plaza (which can be assessed ($250 in 2010) to Shadow Mountain, Park Plaza South and Sungate which are located across Memorial.)




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