Instant Gasoline Savings.

Use your finger to draw a star–  starting at the bottom and going clear to the top, then back down, then way over to the left then all the way back across to the far side, then finally back to where you began.

Taking off to run errands just wily-nily without a good plan can  cause you to “draw a star” with your car. This  can add up without you realizing it, costing you hundreds of dollars a year wasted on gasoline and unnecessary wear and tear on your car.   Valuable time out of your day might  be spent at home relaxing, instead of stressing in traffic.

When you have errands to run use this neat freebie: . It lets you type in up to ten addresses. The website will calculate the optimal route, with driving directions.  Just be sure you put it in with the city after the street address so it knows where in the world to check (ex: 123 S. Elm, Tulsa) I clicked on it to get the whole round trip.

It didn’t map it the way I would have driven it but they are right!! I’d have wasted gas going the way I was thinking. (Note that it gives you driving directions using the expressway. Just scroll down to it.)

If your printer doesn’t work simply write down where it shows you to start  and where to go next. You don’t have to write down every detail it gives if you already know how to get to the expressways.

It may not always be exact but it gives one pause to think it through while waking us up to the fact that maybe this is where money is getting away from us.

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