Read the food labels

Ever wonder what is in the processed food you are eating?

*processed -packaged or in a box. It could be from the bakery dept. Usually it is anything other than your produce or vegetables or fresh meat.-

You want to be very careful of anything with high fructose corn sweeteners, aspartame, monosodium glutamate (MSG) or any of the other names MSG goes by. MSG has proven to be a link to obesity and fibramyalgia, among other serious health issues. High Fructose Corn Sweeteners, which have replaced sugar in many food and drink items pack on weight at an alarming rate. Like MSG Aspartame (Nutrasweet) is an excitoxin.

There are many different names for processed free glutamic acid.
MSG is often combined with other substances and renamed, or
created by the manufacturing process.

These ingredients ALWAYS contain MSG:

— Monosodium glutamate
— Calcium caseinate
— Textured protein
— Monopotassium glutamate
— Glutamate
— Glutamic acid
— Gelatin
— Sodium caseinate
— Yeast nutrient
— Autolyzed yeast
— Hydrolyzed corn gluten
— Hydrolyzed soy protein
— Hydrolyzed wheat protein
— Hydrolyzed protein such as vegetable protein (the word
“hydrolyzed” on the label is a good tip-off)

If a product label says it contains some form of “hydrolyzed” protein,
it contains MSG.

These ingredients OFTEN contain MSG (or MSG is created during

— Maltodextrin
— Malt extract
— Carrageenan
— Soy protein isolate
— Natural pork flavoring
— Citric acid
— Malt flavoring
— Barley malt
— Soy sauce stock or soy sauce extract
— Soy protein or soy protein concentrate
— Bouillon and broth
— Natural chicken flavoring
— Natural beef flavoring
— Ultra-pasteurized
— Whey protein concentrate
— Pectin
— Protease
— Whey protein
— Whey protein isolate
— Protein fortified

Note: Even if a product label says “MSG free,” it may still contain
processed free glutamic acid concealed under one of its other
names. Read the label to be sure.

By FDA definition, all MSG is “naturally occurring”. “Natural” doesn’t mean safe!

Ingestion of MSG is know to produce a variety of adverse reactions in certain people. These reactions, along with seemingly dissimilar, are no more diverse than the reactions found as side effects of certain neurological drugs.

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