Maintenance checklist to prepare your house to be sold

Maintenance checklist to prepare your house to be sold from the Tulsa World has some great tips!


  • Clear gutters and downspouts of leaves and debris
  • pressure-wash wood siding to prevent mold
  • check exterior paint for bare spots, and inspect and replace exterior caulk.

Clean and check

  • windows and door sills for leaks
  • screens for dirt and how they fit
  • replace damaged screens.
  • storm windows for function.
  • air conditioning unit fins and replace filters.


  • Trim trees and bushes and service sprinkler system.
  • Check decks, railings and stairs for loose boards, and replace or pressure-wash. Inspect roof for signs of age or damage.
  • Check fences, gates and automatic garage door opener for function and noise. Examine septic system for standing water over septic field or unusually strong odor. Inspect grading to ensure water drains away from the house.
  • Check outside walls for termite mud tubes, damaged wood and visible larvae and sawdust, and foundation for soil shrinkage, mold, mildew and cracks.


  • Clean and seal tile and grout
  • check faucets and fix leaks
  • Check all appliances for function, vacuum under them, and clean and polish them.


  • Clean and seal tile and grout
  • ensure all toilets are properly secured to the floor
  • check faucets and toilets and fix leaks.


  • Check attics for moisture stains on roof sheathing and mildew or dry rot.
  • Look under insulation for ant or termite infestations
  • check gables for squirrel damage.


  • Clean ashes from fireplace
  • replace smoke detector batteries
  • replace clock batteries
  • clean furnace ducts
  • change furnace filters
  • check door frames for alignment
  • fit and condition of door sweeps
  • check the main electrical panel for rust and water marks
  • test circuit breakers
  • check walls for condensation and mildew.


All houses must have electrical, mechanical and plumbing – EMP – inspections before mortgage contracts can be signed and are paid for by sellers. They determine the condition of homes’ power supply systems, air conditioning and heating systems, and water and sewer systems. If these are in poor or unsafe condition, the houses can be deemed unfit for sale or, at best, be more costly to insure. Insurance premiums are more when homes’ EMP systems are more than 10 years old. This forces sellers to discount prices to compensate buyers for what they must spend to correct these problems.

Home insurance:

Homes with 15-year-old roofs qualify for actual cash value policies only, but some insurance companies won’t insure them at all unless buyers install new roofs and pay for replacement cost policies.

Two types of home insurance: “actual cash value” (paying only its depreciated value) and “replacement cost” (paying for total replacement of home, its roof, etc.).

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