Before you buy a new home

Disclaimer: We are not now, nor have we ever been in Real Estate. This is just some of the things we wish we had  known to do before we every bought our first property.

Ask yourself these questions: 

Why are we looking for a house-Growing family? Relocating? Empty Nest? Upgrading? ________________________________________________

Time frame (Immediately,  3 months, 6 months, a year.)


Features we want in a  new home to  have and a second list of what our new home must have.

Any disadvantages of  our home now? __________

Anything in current home we want to make sure we have in new? __________

Area- neighborhood, school, other requirements __________

What are you most interested in/would find the most helpful

  • How to get pre-approved (Why it would help to be pre-approved) Preliminary work can help determine the amount of home for which we qualify so we don’t waste time.
  • Where to get money for a down payment? (Not going out to eat or to the movies, using coupons )
  • How much money down and closing do I need?
  • Anything or any reason that I might not qualify?
  • What to take to meeting with lender.
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