Dollar Tree Best Deals for Baby Boomer and Senior Citizens

Dollar Tree Sales ad and don’t forget that Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer coupons!*


GREAT DEALS FOR DOLLAR TREE FOUND HERE (Keep in mind, not all stores carry the same product):

Take customer satisfaction survey on back of receipt to have a chance at $1,500.00

Clark Howard has some great ideas!

Look for more coupons here:

*Now that you know what is going to be on sale hurry and get your coupons:


*Coupons: With brand name $1 items in their stores many great deals are sure to be found as you will see below on the links!  (Favorite purchases include paper and plastic goods, cleaning products, party supplies, storage items, toiletries….and don’t forget that greeting cards can be bought there very inexpensively!)

A few restrictions on the coupons:

  • Only 2 “print at home” internet coupons can be redeemed during your transaction.
  • No Free item coupons will be accepted.
  • No Coupons where the cashier has to write a number in can be used.
  • Only one manufacturer’s coupon per item.

Read the full terms and conditions for coupons.

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