Jobs for those over age 50

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Many employers  realize that older workers have much to offer are actively hiring workers over the age of 50.  such as this  39 year old billionaire who sees value of 50 plus workers

These job search sites  identify companies that  older active, productive, conscientious adults who are actively seeking a job or project. here is  a wealth of quality resources and ideas on the sites including finding temporary or seasonal jobs, as well as starting your own business, working from home, writing your resume, finding full-time work, and continuing your education.


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  2. K'Lynne says:
    -Sell art, crafts or collectibles online- Etsy ArtFire and Zibbet.
    -Have you designed a killer line of iPad cases or Kids’ tees? -Redbubble.
    -Want to display traditional art-Artbreak is commission-free.

    -have an e-book, song, template, computer wallpaper or other kind of digital file to sell, take a look at commission-free UploadNSell.
    -Amazon-owned CreateSpace can help indie authors, musicians and filmmakers sell works to online buyers.

    2. Cash in by licensing your best photos to agencies such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock and Dreamstime
    Imagekind or Fine Art America.

    -microjobs and quick tasks
    -pick up pocket money by doing quick field work assignments for companies, or doing odd jobs for local businesses and homeowners. -See the a free iPhone app called Gigwalk (you might be asked to visit a retailer and take a smartphone picture of a product display.

    -TaskRabbit website is where people come to for help assembling Ikea furniture or grocery shopping or when they need on-demand workers, delivery drivers or event staff.

    -Are you good at fashion and shopping advice,you might become anaffiliate for Beso.
    -Tutor and teach All you need is a fast broadband connection and a way to video chat. Specialists in finance, math and science are always in high demand. Sites such as Smarthinking or Tutor can help get you started.

    -If you speak a foreign language fluently or have experience as a language tutor- Verbalplanet.

    -Freelancing – writers and graphic designers,administrative assistants, accountants, computer programmers and other professionals to also find freelance opportunities. Elance, Guru and FreelanceSwitch.

    -Super-speedy typist, with a good ear and write well-Transcribers provide closed captioning for films and TV shows and written transcripts of academic presentations and focus groups. Visit Tigerfish to get started.
    -Telecommute- Regular job boards often list telecommuting work. Use “telecommuting” as a keyword. Also try Telework Recruiting or FlexJobs, which require small membership fees.

    -A traditional 9-to-5 job can be tough for people with disabilities. Working from home might be a more attractive option. Unfortunately, finding telecommuting jobs isn’t always easy. The National Telecommuting Institute is a great resource. It specializes in providing legitimate telecommuting jobs for those with disabilities. It offers listings and advice. All job postings are screened to avoid scams.

  3. Delora says:

    Land your retirement dream job lists jobs in retail, tax preparation, caregiving and driving, among other fields, focuses on jobs in the nonprofit world. for seasonal jobs in outdoor settings, including national parks.

    Be creative in seeking out jobs that dovetail with your interests; say, working part-time at a golf shop, selling cosmetics from home, ushering at a sporting venue or manning an aisle a few mornings a week at a hardware store.

    Companies appreciate the flexibility a retiree can bring in terms of hours and commitment.

    People age 55 to 64 are among the fastest-growing groups of entrepreneurs, representing about 26 percent of startups in 2015. However, succeeding as a startup requires a willingness to take risks and to make decisions, as well as the ability to negotiate deals and make people want what you’re selling. Be sure you have those skills before launching your idea.

    Read it all here:–tms–kplngmpctnkm-a20151118-20151118-story.html

    • Donna says:

      Rat Race Rebellion Facebook and has been seen on Good Morning America, Today, Anderson Cooper, The View, 20/20 CNN Newsroom, CNN, CBS, MSNBC

      Job interview – give example of when you have successfully reported to someone younger or when you have been part of a team that spanned several generations. Toss references to social media that you are proficient in. A LinkedIn presence helps.

      If you are vibrant and energetic people will want to be around you regardless of your age.

      Every employer wants to hear-

      1.) You will never have to repeat an instruction to me twice.
      2.) I will complete the job with excellence that you give me.
      3.) I will create an agreeable spirit about me.
      4.) I am easy to correct and easy to instruct (I have a teachable spirit.
      5.) I will be a loyal employee. I will cover your back. Won’t talk bad, speak bad- will provide you while I am here. Leave in peace in case come bac.

      Resume-self starter, head and shoulders above peers, zeal and ability to operate an office under minimum supervision, wizard of efficiency-making superiors look good. Work long hours without complaint, voluntarily added to duties studied required of job on own time, memorizing reams of orders and regulations, won citations for efficiency….Enjoy researching to obtain info.

      Do not say you want to advance, offer research, press release, proclamation, marketing strength love to learn, background sales, quick learn, interested in being successful, work well alone, phone skills, opr, following a successful career what can you do beyond cow patty cakes? People like as little change as possible so if you are already there it is easier to step into a job, than to hire someone from the outside. ..

      (Experience only 10% and 10% misc we can’t control
      They hire people they like respons
      35% 1st impression, 45% is if they like us and the rest is our resume.
      1st 7 words/7 seconds
      Show you want to work. Dress professionally for interview, hair combed, know about the company. Even applying for part-time reliability is important

      Advantage program pays $9 hr
      brick layers class OKC

      Blessing of recession? People will repair what have…so shoe repair, auto mech, appliance repair, pharmacy, resale shops are good. And of course, people ALWAYS spend money on babies and for weddings.
      These are recession proof: funeral, health care, education , collection agency, merch and profess agency, job placement agency,
      trade schools good -welding, mechanics, machinists, manufacturers according to Mystaf)
      Great idea businesses to start or connect
      Tea parties

      Jobs– market research and mock juries pay up to $150 for 2 hours of giving your take on goods and services
      online survey stints collect points to redeem gift cards and earn up to $60 for serving on an online jury, which helps attorneys prepare for upcoming cases
      profoundly help Mike Rowe reconnect today’s youth with millions of jobs that are waiting to be filled. We’re lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to educate them for jobs that no longer exist. We’ve become profoundly disconnected- Mike Rowe.
      Start a business in Ok:
      What the world needs is…(Think this through and you can come up with some money making ideas)
      AARP has Senior Employment Center there. Your job is marketing yourself while you look for a job. (Volunteering is a great way to do that.)
      Reverse mentoring -mentors teach social media such as Twittr, Instagram, Linked in, Facebook. With technology changing so quickly the need for revers mentoring will only grow. (Help from younger staffers)

      See also:

  4. Betty lynne says:

    Organizations that advocate for the elderly sponsor job training and placement services through federally funded program called Senior Community Service Employment.
    The program was authorized by the Older American Act of 1965 and funded through the Labor Department.

    Toys R Us appreciates the work ethic from a mature worker that is very strong an not as easy to find among younger generations.

  5. David says:

    AARP asked: Are you afraid of getting older?
    Neil de Grasse Tyson said:
    No. I used to dance, but I’ve had my time as an athlete. This is a different chapter of my life that would have been impossible in my physical prime, but my mental prime is still being developed. I look forward to all that I can contribute to this world because of my age and life experience in a way that would have been impossible at half my age. I’m cool with that.

  6. Bruner says:

    Businesses collaborate with organizations such as AARP, to build their pool of potential candidates. Offices on Aging are an excellent resource for new employees. Some offices keep an active list of seniors searching for employment.
    Area Agency on Aging in Tulsa is 2 W 2nd St Suite 800, Tulsa, OK 74103 Phone: (918) 584-7526

  7. Bruner says:

    Nearly one-third of the total US workforce (32%) was age 50 or older, by 2014. As the proportion of younger workers continues to decline, attracting and retaining the mature, experienced worker will become increasingly critical for employers who seek to retain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

    To avoid future labor shortages, some smart employers are showing their commitment by hiring mature workers by:
    1.) making their workplaces more “age neutral”. (All opportunities and rules apply the same to everyone, regardless of how old or young they are) with respect to their policies and benefits.
    2.) using a number of practices to attract and keep older workers. They know the that the U.S. workforce will soon face labor shortages. When the Baby Boomers began to retire in 2011, there will not be enough workers to replace them.
    3.) using creative recruiting to find qualified employees of all ages. They hire, evaluate and promote employees n age neutral ways. And they train managers, supervisors, and workers on how to benefit from age diversity.

    Some of the most talented workers are older workers. Forward thinking companies value older workers to offset labor and knowledge gaps. This is a winning strategy for American business, for the older workers themselves and our national economy. Employers who are wise enough to go after the mature adult have unprecedented access to a talented and experienced applicant pool, which translates to a significant competitive advantage.

    Older workers:
    ~ take their job seriously and are able to manage challenges with perspective.
    ~ are better able to use their past work experience to establish credibility and get results
    ~ enjoy the flexibility and independence of working part time.


    ~ Job ads mention maturity, good judgment and work experience
    ~ Ads appeal to workers of many ages (alternative work schedules)
    ~ Ads are placed for publication, on Websites, and with agencies used by job seekers of many ages.

    Different kinds of skill training are available–classroom, individualized, mentoring, on-job coaching, job rotation, peer training and internships.

    Health Benefits
    ~ In addition to health benefits that include prescription drugs, employers offer extras like long-term care insurance and short and long term disability insurance.
    ~ Wellness is emphasized with health screenings, fitness programs and special classes.
    ~ Benefit packages are flexible, to appeal to workers of different ages.

    Pension Plans
    ~ Employer contributes to employee retirement accounts.
    ~ Longer term employees have defined benefit pension plans.
    ~ Retirement saving incentives are offered, such as profit sharing or stock options.

    Alternative Work Arrangements
    ~ Workers of all ages can use flexible schedules, such as flextime, telecommuting, and periodic time off for family care-giving responsibilities.
    ~ Phased retirement lets older workers decrease work hours gradually.
    ~ Retirees can return to work part-time when needed.

  8. J. Boone says:

    … companies have been so focused on downsizing to contain costs that they’ve largely neglected a looming threat to their competitiveness, the likes of which they have never before experienced: a severe shortage of talented workers. The general population is aging and, with it, the labor pool. ….

    …Skills, knowledge, experience, and relationships walk out the door every time somebody retires—and they take time and money to replace. Given the inevitable time lag between the demand for skills and the ability of the educational system to provide them, we’ll see a particularly pronounced skill shortage in fast-growing technical fields such as health care. What’s more, employees are your face to the marketplace. It’s good business to have employees who reflect the ethnic, gender, and, yes, age composition of your customer base—especially when those customers are well off. Baby boomers will be the most financially powerful generation of mature consumers ever…..


  9. Tori B says:

    Making it without a college degree

    -Don’t forget about RatRaceRebellion on Facebook or their website: as seen on Good Morning America, Today, Anderson Cooper, The View, 20/20 CNN Newsroom, CNN, CBS, MSNBC

    Seniors Find a Cruise Ship Job

    Senior Job Discrimination regarding age. The US Supreme set a higher standard of proof than is required in race, religion or gender discrimination. Senate Bill SB 1391 would re-establish that age discrimination is unlawful.


  10. B.G. says:

    Mystery shop Secret to a retirement filled with shows, concerts, sporting events, the ballet, –even meals–without spending a dime!

    mystery shop If you have internet you can do so much more –

    A quarter of a century ago, Kathy Shook of Broken Arrow founded Shoppers Inc., a solution to improving customer service, out of her own home.

    Mystery shoppers are anonymous “secret shoppers” who who go into a business and do what customers do, and then complete a detailed report on what occurred during that visit or phone call evaluating customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising and product quality. For example, as a mystery shopper, you might check out a store, make predetermined purchases and report back on how well you were treated as a customer.

    Some services include mystery shopper visits and phone calls, customer satisfaction surveys, compliance audits and surveys of competitor shops.

    Mystery shoppers:
    -need to be observant, have a good memory, take good notes and write reports well .
    -have to be a bit of an actor playing out specific scenarios and acting as if they really want to buy the product or service.
    -Most of her staff are moms who have flexible hours that allow them to work during school time and then be home for their families.
    -About one-third of the company’s clients are in Oklahoma and Texas, with the rest spread throughout the United States.

    Pay ranges from a good meal to $10 an hour to hundreds of dollars for an assignment, depending upon the complexity and the knowledge needed to do a competent job. Although a few standouts report earning thousands of dollars a month, they are the exceptions that prove the rule: Almost no mystery shoppers make a living solely from the work. Visualize earning parttime extra money or paid-for meals, products and services.

    These sleuthing jobs have an enormous appeal to people who want to work from home, work a couple of hours per job and accept or turn down a job on short notice.
    Shoppers, Inc. | Facebook

    Register for free with leading mystery shopping companies, says Steve Pearce, who is the director of business development with National Shopping Service.
    Become a Mystery Shopper

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