Eyeglasses, Exercise, Vitamins (Senior Discounts)

  • eye exam–   you don’t have to be a Costco member to get  a vision and eye health exam check right in the  Costco store, performed by a licensed, independent optician.   Costs can vary but as of January 2017, expect to pay around $80 for a glasses exam. Contact lens exams will run $150. You can spend as much as you want for frames & lenses however the average package is between $100 and $200.     Schedule an appointment here then just let the door attendant know you have an appointment. (You will need to use a Costco cash card to buy contacts or eyeglasses there so here is how you do it :      Someone with a membership  purchases a Costco cash card for you in either the amount you need or with a minimum amount on it ($25, $50…whatever). When checking out with the latter, simply pay for the first part of the purchase with the card, and the rest with your debit card.   Get out of paying membership fees
  • Exercise for free- Walk at one of the Promenade Mall or Woodland Hills Malls before the stores open.



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