This will get you, if you have a heart!

tao4mind, Enid (1 hour ago) I did not realize how many bedridden people live in unsafe housing until I did some deliveries of frozen meals for Wheatheart Nutrition Project. Most on my route were war veterans who were in substandard housing and properties that should of been condemned.

I questioned the project manager about their living conditions of mold, open wiring, ceilings caving in from roofs leaking, space heaters, broken windows, no running water, open sewage and was quickly terminated from my job. The project manager called it “redundancy” and said my concerns were a jeopardy to their federal and state grant money.

The social worker I had contact with on my route said: Nobody cares if they are war veterans and they should feel lucky to get those 7 frozen TV dinners every week.

Last I heard was due to cuts in the state budget, funding for the Meals on Wheels and Wheatheart Nutrition Program have been lessened so that the program cannot run on Fridays. Does that 99 cent TV dinner cost too much?


The previous was written in response to:
Bedridden man killed in Skiatook, OK mobile home fire | Tulsa World Jan 28, 2011


COMMENT: Meals on Wheels is a good way to be able to go in to peoples homes to see how bad it is and to see what could be done to help them. Many are afraid to ask for help- afraid they’ll lose their frozen dinners!

How hard would it be to make an extra serving of chicken and noodles to drop off to someone, once in awhile.  READ: I Shall Not Live In Vain

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