Need some help? Check Youtube

YouTube can help provide the an expert to give you some actual, real-life instructions  from Electricians, carpenters, mechanics and even consumer-buying experts who  demonstrate everything from how to build a stone wall, how to stucco,  how to install a three-switch lighting system and so on..

Videos show how to tape, mud and sand drywall properly. There are simply hundreds of videos on how to apply dozens of texture styles, some from professional firms, handymen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Written instructions or directions over the phone don’t compare with visual demonstrations that show real-life results.

There are all kinds of things on there including ways to secure your home. Some videos demonstrated the hardiness of steel door jamb liners. Others compared the usefulness of various wireless home security cameras.

You can find  videos on how to change a car’s radiator coolant, perform dental surgery (for pros only), install a home stereo system and even how to program a VCR…..even how to tie a tie!

It is a great way to gain confidence in  your abilities.

Entrepreneurs can promote their expertise and business  there for free.
Home or car for sale? Put it on Youtube. Don’t you love free (worldwide) advertising?

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