Mr. Gerald Davis

Sad Pet Photographed
As Marine Dies on Iwo
By Helen Waterhouse (Akron Becon Journal, February 1945)

A PICTURE of “Penny,” dressed in a marine hat, is on its way to Iwo Jima.  It is addressed to Penny’s master, Marine P.F.C. Gerald Davis, 19.
The marine will never receive the snapshot.  On Feb 19 the dog’s young owner was killed by Jap mortar fire during the initial Iwo Jima attack.  The picture was taken on the same day.
“Penny don’t look so sad,” Mrs. Hazel Davis, mother of the marine, said she told the dog.  “Penny just wouldn’t perk up, and looked so sorrowful that I had a premonition then that something was wrong with Gerald.”
The last thing Gerald told Penny was “You got to take care of Mom, Penny.  Be a good marine dog.”

MARINE DAVIS, a member of the famed Gung Ho Raider battalion under Colonel Carlson, was seriously wounded on Saipan on his 19th birthday last summer.  Recovering he went back into action but always with a premonition that he might never return to his home and his pet, it seemed.
“Out here you look to God for help,” Davis wrote in a last letter.  “I know there were many times I found myself praying on Kwajalein and at Saipan.  You start wishing you had lived a better life – treated your mother kinder – and a lot of things you never thought about very seriously before.  But I believe if you put faith in God, things will work out for the best.”
And he ended with a marine’s dream of spring.
“Yes, I can almost picture Akron now, with all the flowers, trees, and bushes coming out in their full glory”, he wrote.  “I can see all the school children looking forward to vacation just like I used to.  When you think of the good side of the U.S.A. it sorta blots out all the strikes and evil doings and makes this seem very worthwhile fighting for.”
Mrs. Davis, who lives at 358 Lindenwood Ave, has another son Clifton, a navy radioman, stationed on


(Note:  Mr. Gerald Davis was Akron Ohio’s youngest Marine having enlisted at age 16 with his parent’s consent.)

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