JHC – His story after Vietnam

I too was one that was spit in and called a baby killer when I returned in ’69.  I do thank the cop at LAX for not arresting me as was do to many returning Vets.

My fiancee’s parents were active in the VFW and urged me to join in ’69.  However I found most of the WWII and Korean Vets didn’t look at Vietnam as a war. They didn’t encourage recruitment of Nam Vets and my “young” ideas were pretty much ignored or shouted down. I dropped out in ’71 and have never been asked by that or any other Post since.
 I also found the stigma of Vietnam Vets extended into the workplace. We were all looked on as crazies and druggies. For almost 20 years I denied I was a Vet just so I could find jobs.
Then of course there is the VA. They fight claims for compensation due to chemicals used over 45 years ago that continue to bring new diseases to Nam Vets.
Fortunately I consider myself lucky in spite of these and some other events I have tried to block. Many of my Brothers continue to suffer as didn’t find, or pushed away the family and support to help them.
This may not have been the story you wanted, but its mine.
Thank you JHC


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