Meals on Wheels- There has to be something better!!


What is going on with Meals on Wheels?? I have heard so many complaints about the food from numerous friends in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. The complaints have all been from  very kind people who do not go around complaining. One complaint was from a M.D. who was disgusted with what they have been taking in to her mother. She is taking pictures  of the food to document this.

Finding this disturbing that our older generation are getting sub-par food a little research found that the “meals” are shipped in from Jackson, Mississippi to the Tulsa plant where they are “cooked” then distributed to the various locations to be plated and delivered to the victims.


Check out:

Now that Angel Food Ministries and ShareColorado are no longer in business what can we do to get quality food to the homebound.

  • Reasor’s Foods – Online Shopping but charge $15.00    ouch!
  • Walmart has pickup now
  • Schwan‘s  delivers great food right to the door. (Unlike most of the other food you buy pretty much all one has to do with Schwan’s is heat it up!)

Request a catalog or click to go to the site to see pictures to order from  or call them after you see what you like (1-888-724-9267). They even have online coupons!  Food can be bought directly off the truck, if they want something else.

Schwan’s has gift cards for Christmas and other occasions if you are trying to figure out some ideas this year!! Mom and Dad won’t even have to brave the cold to go grocery shopping in the winter. It can come to their home while they stay inside where it is warm!

Disclaimer: I do not and never have had any connections with Schwan’s. I was just appalled at what is being shoved at our elderly and was looking for a better way.

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