So what is Pinterest all about?

A lavender farm in Hokkaidō.

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Pinterest is  a way to bookmark favorite sites to find them quickly by looking at the pictures, instead of trying to google to find them again.

Pin” (bookmark) the things that interest you. Pin + interest = Pinterest.

The concept is simply to organize and share all the beautiful images you find on the web or right from pinterest  by bookmarking them (called “pinning) to where you can find them based on categories you decide on. (These are called your boards.) This allows you to locate the site easily in the future.   (…really cool for those with smart phones!)

Browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests then  “pin”  things  to do, share, buy, make, remember, favorite ideas, tutorials, books, recipes, pictures, home decor, remodeling places, etc.   One might have a board for art, one for  inspirations, another for home decorating ideas, yet another for cooking, still another for quotes, etc to keep it all organized.

Each person uses Pinterest in their own way.


If you have websites and blogs that you enjoy looking at, then  “pin” them so everyone can also enjoy them. Everyone loves tutorials so be sure to include those.

Just about anything you can think of can be found on there if you go to the search box and type it in.     (Don’t forget you can do a search on Pins, Boards, or People so click around on those. It is fun to look for your interest under each of those three as it will return different results.)
When you see an image on pinterest, click on the picture you like until it gets you to the blog or website with the directions.


When you pin something to save it  be specific in your description about what it is. It is amazing how people will simply put DIY on everything they pin instead of  DIY tutorial on making a wedding cake or whatever. This will help you on your search to locate it quicker.

You can find some great things to pin that are not yet on there by going to google. Type in what you are looking for then on google, choose “images” and it will bring up all pictures of whatever it is you are searching for.   You can click on the picture to open the website and get the link so you can “pin” it on Pinterst. That way you will find it easily when you want to refer back to it.

Check out pinterest 101 tutorial


The following are some I recently looked at on Pinterest and thought someone else might enjoy:














Repurpose blogs

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1 Response to So what is Pinterest all about?

  1. Timmi says:

    Did you know this about

    • Plan the holidays, weddings or an anniversary, your dream home, your wardrobe, look at antiques, new trends in styles, pictures of recipes and more.
    • Find pictures of fun ideas for holidays such as Thanksgiving and look at pioneerwoman recipes. (Try it now by clicking on one of those links.) After you look around then type something you are interested in into the searchbox (it will be on the top left)
    1. Note that when it opens there on the left, under the search box it lets you click on pins, boards and people.Choose boards and look at those pictures.
    2. You can make the pictures bigger by clicking on them.
    3. Keep clicking on the picture and it will get all the way back to the place where it originally came from. It might be a blog with a recipe for the food you are looking at or it might be a catalog where the item is sold.
    The possibilities are endless! You can get all kinds of ideas from here. Try it!

    FUN: Get your own board, go out on the internet* to find pictures of things you like and post them onto your board.

    *from “” select “images” to find lots of pictures you might want to put on your board.

    What is Pinterest?

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