Where do I find things to post on Pinterest?

  1. Go to google.com
  2. On your left click on images so you can search the images.
  3. Type in what you are looking for.
    I chose homemade candy bars so when I did it this is what returned: homemade candy bars.
  4. Next, click on the picture that looks good to you to see a bigger picture. When you do that then on the top right it has the website to click to  get the url to copy to post on pinterest!
  5. In pinterest, if  you are signed into your  page,  click add (on the top right) then add a pin.
  6. It will allow you to look at all the pictures on that webpage and choose the one you want to post.
  7. Be sure to title it well. (Example: Don’t just say homemade chocolate candy but homemade chocolate Heath candy bar. That allows others to find it on pinterest if they do a search under any of those words.) And be sure to credit that you got it from  thecandylady.com or wherever it was.
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