Searching Oklahoma two court records systems

Beginning Dec. 15, 2011 an expanded list of records are now being posted online. Images of documents (such as affidavits, pleadings, traffic tickets, divorces and civil lawsuit petitions filed for civil pleadings, criminals charges and other court documents) are being posted on the Internet.

Documents filed before Dec. 15, 2011 will not be placed online (except for small claims judgments) and will continue to be available at the clerk’s office. Trial transcripts will not be placed online.

Records that are required to be sealed or redacted by state law (which include juvenile records, adoptions and mental health records are  exempt. (Criminal records with full birth dates and home addresses should be included on criminal filings. )

  1. Go to
  2. click on “court dockets
  3. click on “search dockets.”
  4. Choose the county you want to search, or search all at once, in the drop-down box listing counties that are part of the OSCN system.
  5. Search by name of party. (Use the percent sign as a wildcard to capture variations in names.)

Abbreviations before case numbers identify the type of case, including:

  • CF – felony cases
  • CM– misdemeanors
  • CJ -large civil cases a
  • CS – smaller civil cases.

You can also search counties on the ODCR network

  • go to
  • select “court dockets”
  • click on “non-OCIS counties.”
  • Select which county to search or search all at once in an interface similar to that of OSCN.
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