Medicaid Advantage for “in home” care.

Medicaid Advantage waiver program is a Medicaid funded process  that provides alternatives to facility-based care (for in home care. )

It does not provide 24 hour care.

Call 800 435-4711 to have an application taken over the phone. (It does take 45 days or longer to get the services in so the sooner the application is in the better.

DHS nurse will contact them first and then a DHS worker will contact them to go over financialinfo to see if they qualify. Some of the questions they will be asked are:

  • Social security numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Emergency numbers
  • Next of kin names  and numbers
  • Doctors names and numbers
  • Assets
  • Any stocks, bonds, or CDs
  • Any  life insurance or burial policies


  • Dial 211 from your land line for the Area Wide Agency on Aging for people over 60. They might be able to help provide info.
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