Vacant, Unsecured Structures

A vacant structure is a very real problem for neighborhoods.  They have become a target for vandals, criminal activities, and a general nuisance for adjacent properties and values. The property owner is responsible for maintenance of the structure, securing windows, doors, or other openings so that cannot be readily opened from the outside. An owner may need to board up a vacant structure if a break-in or fire occurs.  If the building has deteriorated to a condition that meets the criteria of health and safety risks for the public, it can be considered for demolition.  TITLE 24 Neglected Vacant Buildings Registry and Maintenance

Report violationscall 311 or Report Online  or Live Chat  Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. if a Customer Care agent is available.

Written notice to be served upon the person or entity who maintains, operates or permits a nuisance. Written notice shall be given to the owner* of the property  ordering the property owner to abate the nuisance and shall further state that unless such abatement is performed within ten (10) business days of the date on the notice, the work shall be done by the City of Tulsa and a notice of lien shall be filed with the County Clerk against the property for the costs due and owing the City of Tulsa.  (*the owner as shown by the most current tax rolls.)  ABATEMENT 


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