Books (Senior Citizen Discounts)


  •  trade books with other members—for free. Over 5,000,000 books to choose from! Simply, upload the titles of 10 of your own books that you want to swap; you will receive 2 book swap credits immediately—to be used for the books of your choice. The more books you send, the more credits you get—and you only pay the postage (usually a couple of bucks) for the books you ship.
  • Barnes & Noble printable coupons
  • Ebooks for free                            eBooksRead                                                                                                                                             Project Gutenberg –  family-friendly mostly classics, with new public-domain titles added every day.also sheet music, speeches and even some music and video content. Many of the books are also offered as audiobooks, if you prefer to listen instead of reading.                                                                                                                                      Feedbooks
    Overdrive –  If you want the latest book everyone is talking about, check out this site. It allows you to search your local libraries for the new titles.
    You won’t have the book forever, but you’ll be able to borrow some best sellers at no charge. You can download and return many titles right from the site or from Overdrive’s app without even visiting the library!
  • Half Price Books ( Must Sign Up )


Selling your books


  • Alibra
  • Amazon
  • Abe’s
  • E-Bay
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