Credit Report for Free

There is a BIG difference between the legitimate free credit report and that guy that sang about a free credit report.   (They charge —how else do you think they could pay him to sing in those green tights on tv ? They also have to pay for all the expensive advertising)

The one that does not charge is: AnnualCreditReport
(However, you will notice that it does NOT have the word ‘free’ in it’s name? It was pointed out that   legitimate providers of free credit scores never have the word ‘free’ in their domain name.)
Free credit reports requested online are viewable immediately upon authentication of identity. Free credit reports requested by phone or mail will be processed within 15 days of receiving your request.

 Get your credit reports from each of three big agencies once a year for free.  The first time you check your credit reports, pull all three because the agencies don’t share info with one another, and you’ll want to spot any problems right away.

Then wait until the reports are free again (in a year) and then check a different report every four months or so.  If you find a mistake be sure to dispute it.

no charge

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2 Responses to Credit Report for Free

  1. Evan says:

    Even if you have paid off your mortgage and don’t expect to borrow money, you credit score still matters:
    *Lenders look at it to decide if they should give you a mortgage, auto loan or credit card.
    *Insurers use it to look at and set auto and homeowners policy premiums.
    *Prospective landlords and utility companies will scrutinize your score if you move to an apartment.
    *Plus, if you co-sign a note your score will be a factor.

  2. Steve says:

    Some ways you can improve your score:
    -Increase limits- Periodically ask your card issuers to raise your credit limits by $500 or $1000, according to credit expert John Ulzheimer. Cards with little or no balances and higher credit limits boost score.
    -Maintain accounts- Keep old credit card accounts open, even if you don’t use them much. -Canceling a card will reduce the amount of credit available to you and can ding your score.
    -Rebuild a history- You might have to start wit a secured card from your bank. You deposit a sum in an account that serves as your line of credit and allows you to build a credit history over time.
    -Check your report- Correct any errors dragging down your score. Get a free copy of your report yearly from each of the three major credit-reporting companies by going to
    – Check out these Tips from Clark Howard:

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