Ideas For What Fire Victims Could Use

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE INTO A FIRE AREA TO DELIVER DONATIONS. Please call first to local authorities and relief agencies in the fire area to get your donated items where they are needed. 


  • Shovels, rakes, hoes dust masks, garbage bags,  buckets, flashlights and batteries, steel toed boots (all sizes), band-aids, peroxide,5 gallon buckets, water hoses,  suede or leather work gloves as cheaper ones just don’t last long as they sifting through and there are some sharp objects, water hoses, heavy extension cords, box fans, water jugs, laundry soap, laundry baskets, flashlights and batteries.
  • Comfort kits:  water, snacks, toiletries such as toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, feminine pads and tampons,  razors, shaving cream, diapers and other baby necessities, wet wipes, bedding,  underwear (new),  lotion, face wash, shampoo,     conditioner, hand sanitizer,  plastic bags, toilet paper, mouthwash, towels and washcloths,   denture care, contact solution, paper towels, laundry soap, brush, comb etc.  Living out of what they can carry they are most grateful for for the duffel bags and backpacks for the donated clothes and toiletries the receive as they “camp” in shelters  instead of having to cram everything they own into a Walmart sack.    They do NOT need clothes at this time, since they have no closet, no dresser and no hangers yet. Some are living in tents on the property and it is miserable. Maybe you have some more ideas that could help.
  • Non perishable food items would be great as they are working out in the heat      cereal bars, fruit cups, other easy to open/eat food and fruit such as bananas, grapes, canteloupe, ice chest full of ice.
  • Dry cat food or dog food for the people whose animals were saved;  pet carriers, cat litter,
  • School supplies  school-supplies-for-children

After The Oklahoma Wildfires There Will Be Lots of Needs…. as families re-establish their homes

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