Haddock is Good for Health

Boosts memory

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  1. AW says:

    Numerous businesses are under the mistaken impression that offering a Military discount automatically includes all Veterans.

    However, the problem with that is that when one is discharged from the military they turn in their “Military ID”. Some vets can get an ID card issued upon retirement, or with a 100% disability rating from the Veteran’s administration, or for other reasons that I’m not aware but most Veterans are not a 100% disabled (service connected) and thus, not eligible to get a military ID.

    I know many Veterans who will go out of their way to spend money with a “veteran friendly” company.

    Deserving veterans who have served our country yet, who “fall through the cracks” when well-meaning businesses aren’t aware of the difference between “military
    discounts” and “Veterans discounts”.

    A business offering a veteran discount does it out of gratitude and respect, however, if the veteran doesn’t have proof they have served their country they simply don’t get a discount.

    The new Veterans emblem on the drivers license provides businesses an opportunity to honor those who have served to protect our freedoms. Both veterans and businesses can profit, as Veterans feel welcomed and become new customers.

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