That’s a Wrap……(Fun, low cost Christmas holiday parties.)

Christmas in the post-War United States


  • It is something that many of us dread….Spending hours wrapping gifts! So why not make it enjoyable. Lure two or three friends with a plate of cookies to   wrap gifts together while visiting and listening to Christmas music.
  • Invite over other holiday orphans to bring one ingredient for a big pot of soup and watch a movie, in front of the fireplace. Many enjoy it so much they end up doing it again the next year.
  • The week between  Christmas and New Years when lots of us stay home it is a good time for movie-night. (Sign up with Redbox and get a free movie rental, pop some popcorn*, put out the 1/2 price Christmas candy bought on Dec 26th and invite the friends over for some inexpensive fun!   (*Not sure how long that free movie deal is good when you buy Oriville Redenbacher popcorn so hurry! Check here for coupons.)

New tradition! Free Christmas gifts

gift ideas and family events

  • People find great ways to have holiday fun and not all of them include giving gifts that require cash. Instead of Christmas gifts  share throughout the year–your flowers in the summer and garden in the  fall.  Open your home to others just to connect as these are the  things that are much more important to  friends and family than gifts with a bow. I Show them love all year long. by sharing your  home and your help
  • reuse gift bags and boxes from previous years


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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