What the butterfly can teach us in these three pictures.

A Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) caterpi...

From a tiny egg comes a caterpillar that inches
along eating and eating, like a growing child.

Cocoon of a Monarch Butterfly (on the leg of a...

The caterpillar stops eating and is sheltered in the pupa or “chrysalis”
where a transformation begins to take place.

Before a butterfly can emerge it has to go through a lot of struggling.

If someone were to attempt to help the butterfly, by breaking open
the chrysalis, the butterfly would die.  It is from the struggles that  it
becomes stronger.

English: Fran?ais : Papillon monarque (Danaus ...
When the struggle is over, the butterfly is free. No
longer confined, to the clumsiness of it’s previous
earthbound body, the butterfly soars gracefully.


What the caterpillar sees at the end of its life, the butterfly knows is only the beginning. -unknown

By Grace we, too, are set free from struggles and earthly constraints
and transformed as we receive eternal life, by accepting
Christ, as our personal Savior.

(Photo credit:Wikipedia)

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4 Responses to What the butterfly can teach us in these three pictures.

  1. Bill W. says:

    Love butterflies.
    google: tulsaworld butterflies

  2. Tracy says:

    Allowing a baby bird to break the shell and peck its way out on it’s own, helps make it strong enough to bear the rough and tumble action of the world.

    Mama birds push their young from the nest to force them to fly.

    Both of these they just know to do.

    Instead of always jumping in to save someone we must allow them the opportunity to overcome hardships so when we aren’t there they still know there is nothing in this world that will stop them from going after what they want.

  3. Anna C. says:

    How your life matters: https://player.vimeo.com/video/88171201

    I hope it makes you smile to realize how important you are to others!

  4. Delores says:

    Robin Roberts wrote that Adversity makes us stronger, allowing us to emerge from our pain stronger than ever before, like the butterfly which must beat its wings against the walls of a cocoon in order to break free. If someone were to try to help the butterfly escape by cutting a hole in the cocoon, the butterfly would not have gained the necessary strength and would die.

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