Easily and quickly check all the medications you take for any negative interactions with each other‏

Put in all of the prescriptions you take to see if any are conflicting and dangerous. (You might find that you prefer one of the sites below over another so find with which site you are most comfortable.)

  1. Caremark.com – Drug Interactions
  2. Drug Interactions Checker from Drugs.com
  3. Medscape Multi-Drug Interaction Checker
  4. CVS pharmacy
  5. WebMD Drug Interaction Checker 

Report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA http://www.fda.gov/medwatch or call 1 800-FDA-1088.

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3 Responses to Easily and quickly check all the medications you take for any negative interactions with each other‏

  1. Kelli says:

    AARP says to print coupons and compare prices in your area at websites such as goodRX, LowestMed and OptimizeRx. Ask your pharmacist about manufacturer savings cards or discount cards and visit a drug’s official website for free trial offers and coupons. At industry run pparx.org see if you qu7alify for low or no cost medication programs.

  2. Tracy says:

    Extra help to pay for your prescriptions

    Tehre are patient assist programs from drug manufacturers and charities. However it depends on which drug your doctor puts you on if the manufacturer will cover.
    Find coupons by looking up your drug at goodrx.com or by searching the drug manufacturer’s website as many drug manufacturers offer coupons that lower the cost of their drugs by hundreds of dollars.

    Your doctor may have coupons. One medicine that cost $500 when asked the doctor he gave a coupon that cut the cost to $10. HOWEVER, Manufacturer programs aren’t available to Medicare beneficiaries, and some coupons and programs are not available if you use private insurance. (But if you haven’t met your deductible, you could pay cash for the drugs using the coupon, then submit the receipt after you are closer to meeting the deductible.)

    You may be eligible for a pharmacy assistance program offered by the drug manufacturer or a private foundation. Some of these programs are based on income, but the income requirements may be as high as 500 percent of the federal poverty level (which works out to nearly $80,000 for a couple).

    Other assistance programs may kick in if you’ve spent more than a certain percentage (such as 3 percent) of your income on out-of-pocket costs for your drugs,

    Local or state nonprofits may offer assistance. You can find them through advocacy groups for your condition. Your doctor’s office may also know of assistance programs, and some large oncology firms have a financial navigator specifically to help.

  3. M.L says:

    Polypharmacy (or the use of multiple drugs at once) is the newest American epidemic. Urine screening can detect more than 500 prescription, illicit and over-the-counter drugs to fight drug abuse.

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