12 Spices to add to your foods that are good for the heart.

Note at bottom will provide a link to get recipes.

  1. FENNEL SEED– Add to: basil, chili, compotes, curries, fruit salads, grilled meat, indian pickles, lasagne, meat dishes, olive oil, olives, pizza, sausage ragu, scrambled eggs, seafood, spaghetti sauce, tea, tomato based foods, tomatoes. (Also  breath freshener and for digestion.)
  2. LEMON GRASS– Add to: fish, meat, teas, vegetable dishes. (It is great for indigestion, primarily due to a substance called citral, also the active ingredient in lemon peels) .
  3. GINGER–   (Fall aroma spices like ginger, cinnamon and cardamom.)Add to: acorn squash, applesauce, baked goods, beverages, chicken, fruits, gingerbread, gingersnaps, Indian cooking, meat before grilling to help tenderize and add flavor,pear or apple muffins, soba noodles, sou, stew, stir-fries,sweet potatoes, tea (add ginger to your choice of tea)  soup, tofu, veal, vegetables
  4. ONIONS– Add to:fish, meat, salads, soups,vegetable dishes.(Nutmeg and  thyme flavor onions and turmeric is good on fried onions. )
  5. CINNAMON– (also: Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon) What most of us have in our homes is cassia, not true cinnamon. True cinnamon, often labeled “Ceylon cinnamon,” has higher levels of antioxidants. When using cinnamon sticks or “quills”  for flavoring remove before serving.  Start with just a pinch of cinnamon and then tweak to your own liking. Add to: Apples, apple juice, applesauce,  baked goods – cinnamon is great when used in combination with spices like clove and cardamom, bananas, BBQ, beets, Black tea.  Breads, chicken,chicken soup, chili, coffee, fish,fruits (especially apples),goulash,hot chocolate, lamb dishes, meat dishes Cinnamon sticks are used for flavoringbut are removed at the time of eating, meat loaf, meat rubs  Combine equal parts cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper, and use as a rub for meats, meats, melons, oatmeal, oranges, peanut butter, pie crust, Pumpkin pie, rice pilaf, roast beef, salads, savory dishes,  sloppy joes, soups, spaghetti, spiced tea:  stews, spicy-sweet dishes,  tea, toast,  tomato based foods, such as lasagna.
  6.  SAFFRON-   Add to: curries, savory dishes and sweets
  7.  CLOVES-  Add to: baked items, BBQ sauce, Beef, chicken, fish, fruits, hot chocolate, marinades,  meat (braised), meat dishes, pickles, pork, Pumpkin pie, roasts, salads, sauces, stuffing, tomato sauce, vegetables.
  8. NUTMEG– Add to:applesauce, baked goods, beans, beverages,  black bean soup, broccoli, cabbage, cheese sauces, cheeses, chicken, chicken soup, cookies, cottage cheese, custards, egg dishes, eggplant, fruits, green beans, lamb dishes, lasagna, meatloaf, onions, pie crust, pies, potatoes, puddings, pumpkin, salad, savory dishes, seafood, soufflés, soups with tomatoes, spice cakes, spicy dishes,spinach, split pea, Sweet dishes, tomatoes, yellow beans
  9. GARLIC– which  needs to be damaged –crushed or chopped–for its full effect to be used.) Add to: appetizers, beef, chicken soup, chicken-especially baked, fish, lamb, marinade, meat, potato salad, salads, sauce, soups, stew,  tomatoes, vegetable dishes.
  10. BLACK PEPPER-  peppercorns commonly used in many western . It  is believed to help the body absorb turmeric for maximum effect
  11. TURMERIC (start with a small amount and add to taste) NOTE: black pepper helps the body absorb turmeric for maximum effect.  Add to: chicken noodle soup, chicken salad with raisins, greek yogurt and curry powder, chili, curry chicken dish, dal dishes, eggs, fish, lentil soup, meats, onions-fried or raw, as they work together synergistically, with turmeric  to protect against cancer), rice, sauces, stir-fry, tea, vegetables. (Before sautéing vegetables or making stir-fry, heat oil in a pan and sprinkle it with turmeric, stirring for a few seconds so it toasts a bit but doesn’t burn.  Yellow mustard  contains turmeric.

FACT: supercook.com  will  give you recipes for the ingredients you want to use together

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