6 Spices for the Lungs

Herbs and spices that may soothe your mucus membranes and help relieve lung irritation include these common spices:

  1. Black Pepper-  used in many western and Indian recipes and also in pickles..   
  2. Ginger –  (Fall aroma spices like ginger, cinnamon and cardamom.)acorn squash, applesauce, baked goods, beverages, chicken, fruits, gingerbread, gingersnaps, Indian cooking, meat before grilling to help tenderize and add flavor,pear or apple muffins, soba noodles, soups, stew, stir-fries,sweet potatoes, tea (add ginger to your choice of tea)  soup, tofu, veal, vegetables
  3. Cayenne- soups, braises, and spice mixes. Cayenne is also good for your  heart, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and stomach. It helps fend off sinus infections and colds, treats your sore throat, and helps alleviate pain when it is applied to your skin.
  4. Garlic-appetizers, beef, chicken soup, chicken-especially baked, fish, lamb, marinade, meat, potato salad, salads, sauce, soups, stew,  tomatoes, vegetable dishes. (Note:   garlic needs to be damaged for its full effect to be used, so crush it or chop it.)
  5. Cinnamon –  apples, apple juice, applesauce,  baked goods – cinnamon is great when used in combination with spices like clove and cardamom, bananas, BBQ, beets, Black tea, breads, chicken, chicken soup, chili, coffee, fish, fruits (especially apples), goulash, hot chocolate, lamb dishes, meat dishes,meat loaf, meat rubs,  meats, melons, oatmeal, oranges, peanut butter, pie crust, Pumpkin pie, rice pilaf, roast beef, salads, savory dishes,  sloppy joes, soups, spaghetti, spiced tea , stews, spicy-sweet dishes,  toast,  tomato based foods, such as lasagna.( What most of us have in our homes is cassia, not cinnamon. True cinnamon, often labeled “Ceylon cinnamon,” has higher levels of antioxidants. Look for: Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon) Start with just a pinch of cinnamon and then tweak to your own liking. When cinnamon sticks or “quills” are used for flavoring remove before serving.
  6.  Lemon grass- fish, meat, teas, vegetable dishes. (It is great for indigestion, primarily due to the citral, which is also the active ingredient in lemon peels).

 supercook.com will find recipes based on ingredients you have in your home.


This is not to be used to treat or diagnose any medical problem.

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