Finding the blessing in being “broke”.

When you are “broke” you gain life-long skills that many middle class families don’t have.

You learn how to fix your toaster, install an extra phone jack, jump start your car or make it run, siphon a gas tank and repair the sink and toilet, grow your own food, sell food you have grown, learn to hunt and fish in order to eat. You know which wild plants are edible and how to prepare them. You can sew, knit and crochet because anything you could make, grow, or harvest wild was one less thing you have to buy. You trade (barter) with other people in similar conditions so that everyone’s got a little more variety. If there is a devastating economic crisis, the ones who are resourceful will know how to survive when those who never were broke are paralyzed with fear.

Generous of spirit, yet having little money themselves, many share what they can, because they know that there’s always someone who has it even worse.

Being “broke” and being “poor” are two very different things.

Being rich is  doing what one can to help by sharing with others with what we do have  (Whatever one can do to make a little difference for another  – such as using our God-given talents to teach an adult to read or learn math-can be an incredible blessing for both the giver and the one to whom is helped.)

No matter how “broke” we are, we will always be the richest people on earth.

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