When Grandma passed on, family members chose remembrances from her possessions.
Selected first were dishes  she had used daily, to lovingly serve meals. I am sure that each of us had made a few of the chips.
Passed over were the “good dishes” in her “china closet”, which were used only for special occasions.

Friends outside the family gladly accepted her “good dishes”.

Enjoy the lovely things today and make memories now of what you want your loved ones to cherish.


Paper plates are easy but …….. A gorgeous table set once a year at the holidays with your wedding china (or even better, the china that you inherited from your mom or grandmother) just might make sweet memories for your heirs.


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2 Responses to GRANDMA’S DISHES

  1. walktx says:

    My mother’s “good” china has decorated my buffet for 30 years…. Your right. It’s time we used them this holiday season!

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