Tulsa World is NOW going to charge you, the subscriber, to receive ads???

I called the  Tulsa World newspaper and asked about the blip on my bill that states:
Your subscription includes delivery of Tulsa World on Thanksgiving Day
Your account will be charged a premium rate for the Thanksgiving Day delivery….

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The nice lady said that for the Thanksgiving Day paper, subscribers will be billed for two days delivery instead of one. Why? Because the advertisers are advertising  in that newspaper with their Black Friday ads so it costs more.

Huh? Seriously?

Why should we , the subscribers, be paying for  stores to advertise to us? The advertisers pay the Tulsa World to
advertise there and Tulsa World wants subscribers to pay for their advertising? Good grief! I am not
that stupid. I don’t want the ads in the first place and they go right into the recycle. So give me a break on price if I don’t even want to get them!

If this is Tulsa World’s way of forcing us to go digital and read the newspaper on line then they need to fix their problem….We have laptops, a PC and iphones. However, there is so much junk (advertising, videos and words) on the TW online newspaper that  it hoses up any of the devices and we cannot read it without  numerous problems.  Thus,  we still get the hard copy.  Plus, I like getting the coupons, when there are some n the Sunday paper.  I do not like printing coupons from the internet since I’d have to pay for ink and paper to print, thus I’d be “paying to save money”.

Who is most likely to not choose a paper copy of the newspaper over digital….someone like me who has had a subscription consecutively for many years? So, as a very long time subscriber I have helped support  the Tulsa World  yet I will  now be penalized for some stupid idea someone thought up.  Does Tulsa World not have anyone who thinks things through to the end???  Just wondering also, how/why Tulsa World would charge online subscribers for their “share” of all the ads?

Tulsa World needs to hear more feedback about the brilliant  “charge the subscriber for the Black Friday ads”. Let them  hear from you, NOW…if you don’t want to be penalized in November.
Simply call 918 582-0921 and let them know if you do NOT agree with this asinine, ill-conceived idea. (I told them that it might cost them a subscriber, if they do this. Not so sure Tulsa World considered the cost of this ludicrous idea,  but maybe, if they hear from enough of us they will “get it”.)

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1 Response to Tulsa World is NOW going to charge you, the subscriber, to receive ads???

  1. Elwyn Aud says:

    I understand how you feel. My advertising inserts go strait in the trash. I especially hate the ads that wrap around the outside of the paper. Seems like they are double dipping. I’m sure there is an increased revenue from all the extra holiday advertising and then they want to charge us more for getting it. Perhaps I’m not seeing the big picture. I just hate paying for something I didn’t want in the first place.

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