Sodium in food from KFC, Sonic, Cici’s, Taco Bueno, Carl’s Junior, Burger King, Arby’s

Harvard Medical school says getting less sodium (the problematic component of salt)
in the diet lowers blood pressure. The American Heart Association urges us all to cut
back on salt. Hyper-tension is the silent killer.  A lower-sodium diet (no more than
2,300–2,400 mg a day) is good for people who  have high blood pressure or diabetes.
However, people with heart failure or kidney disease are advised to keep their sodium
intake under 2,000 mg a day.

Below are samples showing the sodium, taken right from the  company’s own website:

Chicken Breast, original recipe-  1,080 mg sodium; 360 calories in that one piece.
Mashed potatoes 530 mg
Macaroni and cheese 830 mg of sodium
Biscuit 530 mg sodium
Mountain Dew 70 mg sodium (Dr. Pepper has 80mg)
(That link allows you to click on the items you want to eat and it will build it for you to see how much sodium and calories you will be getting. It isn’t pretty! )

Foot long hot dog – 1,970 mg of sodium (82% of total daily fat allowance) and 55g of fat!
Sonic burger -with mayo. 820 mg of sodium, 640 calories
Jr Burger – 480 mg of sodium!
Bacon Cheeseburger- 1,060 mg sodium
Regular  cheeseburger with mustard 1120 mg of sodium  (710 calories)


1 slice from buffet Beef pizza- 357 mg sodium per slice! (and this isn’t  the worst!)
Pasta salad 443 mg sodium
Hot wing sauce 1411 mg sodium in 2 oz
Apple dessert  158 mg sodium


Beef Taco 440 mg sodium/ Chicken Taco 410 mg
Muchaco Beef 877 mg sodium
Burrito 1590 mg sodium
Chicken potato burrito 928 mg
Muchaco 877 mg sodium
Chicken Bueno Chilada 2090 mg
Mexidip and chips 1862 mg
Mucho Nacho   4,150 mg (yes, you read that right!)
Tostado 932 mg
Chicken Tortilla Soup 1430 mg
Chicken Nacho Salad 1911 mg (713 calories)
Beef Taco salad 1705 mg (1,043 cal)
Refried beans 1787mg
Salsa 366 mg
Mexican Rice 1287 mg

Famous Star 1120 mg sodium; 680 calories
Chicken sandwich, charbroiled 1280 mg, 580 calories
Salad, Chicken  790 mg sodium, 350 calories before adding dressing. (Low fat Balsamic is 480 mg sodium!)
Whopper 1390 mg sodium, 1180 calories
Chicken sandwich 1620 mg sodium, 1170 calories.

Just because it wasn’t listed on here does NOT mean it is safe. Do your own research the next time you are tempted to eat out at Arby’s, McDonalds, Subway, etc.   Google the companies website along with the word nutrition.  Example:

America is suffering with all the fast food and junk food being advertised. This is serious stuff. Experts tell us that our kids will die at a younger age than the parents and grandparents  unless we teach them and protect
them now.

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5 Responses to Sodium in food from KFC, Sonic, Cici’s, Taco Bueno, Carl’s Junior, Burger King, Arby’s

  1. Dana says:

    Also do Chick-filet

    Chicken sandwich: 1390mg Sodium
    Deluxe chicken sandwich 1510mg Sodium
    Spicy Chicken 1600mg Sodium
    Chicken Strips 1320mg Sodium
    Nuggets 1060mg Sodium

  2. Dana says:

    At Tyson the workers call them “chicken butt nuggets”. They won’t touch them or allow their kids to eat any.
    Dr. Oz has a story on the chickens we eat being raised in CHINA.

  3. Dana says:

    Do one on this : for the kids

    and to get a quick peek ow what you will find there:

  4. David says:

    Billy Sims BBQ is good, but the MSG is a killer. Twice I went back after the first time and got horrible reactions from it.

  5. Bill says:

    Red Lobster ’s “Create Your Own Combination” 2,710 calories and four days’ worth of sodium (6,530 milligrams), if you choose the Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, Walt’s Favorite Shrimp and Shrimp Linguine Alfredo to go with the Caesar salad, French fries and one Cheddar Bay biscuit….but who eats just one?

    Cheesecake Factory-
    Louisiana Chicken Pasta has 2,370 calories (more than a day’s worth), 80 grams of saturated fat (a four-day supply) and 2,370 mg of sodium.

    Sonic- Pineapple Upside Down Master Blast is a 32-ounce cup filled with 2,020 calories, 61 grams of saturated fat (three days’ worth), 4½ grams of trans fat (more than two days’ worth) and about 29 teaspoons of added sugar.

    Steak ‘n’ Shake’s 7×7 Steakburger ‘n’ Fries ( seven beef patties and seven slices of cheese) plus a side of fries, for 1,570 calories and more than two days’ worth of saturated fat.
    Their Chocolate Fudge Brownie milkshake has 960-calories

    “This nutritional shipwreck exemplifies the kind of gargantuan restaurant meal that promotes obesity, diabetes and other diet-related diseases,” said registered dietitian Paige Einstein. “If this meal were unusual, that would be one thing, but America’s chain restaurants are serving up 2,000-calorie breakfasts, 2,000-calorie lunches, 2,000-calorie dinners and 2,000-calorie desserts left and right. Abnormal is the new normal.”

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