Secret Spaghetti Sauce Ingredients

Great cooks share their  secret spaghetti sauce ingredient. Try one next time you have spaghetti. Experimenting you might end up with your own secret ingredients.


  • Cayenne pepper  a touch so it’s not too hot, just a tad bit spicy.
  • garlic,  freshly chopped
  • mushrooms (fresh chopped), onions, garlic, and tomatoes
  • cinnamon; a tiny bit (but many great cooks know that it is wonderful in  any tomato based food, such as soups, stews, chili)
  • carrots, finely shredded makes the sauce sweet (others say they add carrots to chili)
  • brown sugar rather than white sugar gives it more flavor.
  • mint 
  • molasses and cayenne pepper.
  • celery, a little chopped with the onions  and half a jar of Pace picante sauce (It may be a bit spicy for the kids, but we love it.)
  •  parmesean cheese, while it’s cooking.
  • l package of Herb-ox..No Salt beef bouillon really enhances the flavor of the sauce.
  • Seven Up soda- just a splash. (Probably  pretty much the same as adding some sugar but it does give the sauce a nice flavor.
  • rich red  burgundy or marsala to my tomato sauce.
  • Saffron (1 Tablespoon)
  • Pineapple and crushed red pepper.……sweet with a kick……  Pineapple and marinara sauce just mix so well.
  • black olives, quartered or halved
  • fennel
  • anise
  • vanilla (REAL vanilla, not the awful (and dangerous)  kind people bring back from Mexico or  imitation vanilla)
  • shredded carrots along with onions, celery and green pepper while browning the meat
  • 1/2 c. whole green pimiento stuffed olives
  • grated Swiss instead of Parmesan
  • Meatballs-  substitute 1/2 the bread crumbs in meatballs with grated Parmesan cheese


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Using these ingredients and very few others

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2 Responses to Secret Spaghetti Sauce Ingredients

  1. Justin says:

    Pizza and spaghetti have a lot of the same spices and ingredients.

    baked spaghetti , mushrooms, black olives, onion, hamburger, green pepper, cheeses, pepperoni, regular sausage and hamburger mixture, Italian spices, seasonings, Canadian bacon,

    Some put a pinch of cinnamon in the tomato sauce, a bit of sugar in the crust.

    We love priazzo.

    PRIAZZO (Pizza Hut Recipe) from the 1980s
    Pizza dough with some cornmeal, garlic powder and oil is rolled out like pie dough into a thin crust placed into an angle-sided pan which has been sprayed with Pam. The dough overlaps the sides and makes a wall to hold thick pizza sauce–which is much like lasagna sauce that has been pre-heated before ladled into the pan.

    Add toppings from below. Another crust goes on top. Pinch like a pie crust.

    Add another layer of the mozarella, cheddar and Monterey Jack blend with sauce. (Pizza Hut has several different cheese blends that they use. One source says the “cheese blend” was actually made of four cheeses (sharp Cheddar, Edam, Romano, Parmesan)while another source thinks it was a blend of 6- Mozarrella, Cheddar, Parmesan, Provolone, Monterey Jack, and Romano.)

    TOPPINGS: Layering is strictly important. Separating the cheese layers with meat before adding the wet ingredients (i.e. peppers, mushrooms, or what have you) will improve texture. Try to use fresh vegetables too. It prevents hydration of dry ingredients that can occur. For added flavor try fire roasting any vegetable that will be used.

    – Roma- green pepper, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, Mozarella, onion and cheddar. (I didn’t care for the ground beef.)
    – Godfather’s- add Monterey Jack, parmesan, ricotta to above.
    – Milano- Meateater’s Delight also has Canadian bacon but no onion.
    – Florentine- 5 cheeses- (Ricotta, parmesan, romano,mozarella, cheddar) with ham and a touch of spinach.
    – Priazzo Napoli added tomato slices on the top layer.

    To keep the top crust from getting too done, cover it with foil for most of the cooking time and then remove it during the last 10-15 minutes of baking so the crust will brown
    Melted butter/garlic spread on the top crust and sprinkle some parmesan cheese is a tasty topping and helps it bake more evenly and turn more golden brown.

    A longer bake time is required, at a lower temp than you usually have for pizza in order to cook the middle of pizzas with extra toppings and on pizzas with fresh ingredients.)

  2. Donna says:

    People had sent these in telling their secret ingredient that made others ask for the recipe. (Just choose a line of the ingredients to try at a time.)

    Apple Pie Filling-

    add butterscotch chips
    almond flavoring in the pie crust

    Asparagus Spears-

    couple slices of American cheese and a few T. of undiluted cream of mushroom soup

    Barbecue Sauce

    dry Italian salad dressing
    pinch of cloves


    shake on a bit of cinnamon

    Cabbage rolls
    Spread layer of sauerkraut on bottom of the pan. As the cabbage rolls cook the tomato sauce and bacon on top cook down into Kraut, which you serve with the cabbage rolls.

    Carrots (cooked)
    add chopped onion when cooking

    shake on a bit of bottled Italian salad dressing

    Chicken baked

    Sprinkle on dry Hidden Valley before putting it in oven
    sprinkle garlic powder, onion powder and chicken bouillon on before wrapping in foil

    Chicken Fried
    sprinkle garlic powder, onion powder and chicken bouillon on before dredging in flour

    Chicken Salad
    red pepper with extremely fine jalapeno, sugar, green onions, and apple
    or red onion, Hellmans and garlic powder
    walnuts and pineapple
    very, very fine iceberg lettuce mixed with mayo and relish on toast

    Chicken soup

    garlic powder and cinnamon
    garlic powder and onion powder


    handful of black licorice pieces. (It would be about the same as adding fennel seed or anise which is in many tomato based foods such as spaghetti sauce and pizza. Fennel seed and anise taste like licorice.)
    1/4 c. peanut butter
    tiny amount of cinnamon

    Chocolate Cake from Mix

    3 T. creamy peanut better into a can of choc frosting
    chocolate chips
    a few drops of orange extract

    Chocolate Chip cookies
    teaspoon of allspice

    Cube Steak
    shake on a bit of bottled Italian salad dressing

    Deviled Eggs

    chili powder instead of paprika sprinkled lightly on top
    few drops of worcestershire sauce in the filling

    Fresh Fruit Salads
    frozen seedless grapes, just before serving


    1/2 packet of taco seasoning
    tiny bit of cinnamon

    Grilled cheese

    thin layer of mustard on cheese before toasting
    grape jelly on grilled cheese after toasting

    Hot Chocolate

    pinch of ground cloves and a drop of vanilla extract
    tiny bit of cayenne


    nutmeg and cinnamon if using bechamel

    Macaroni and Cheese

    cubed ham and a bit of mustard (prepared or dry)
    stir in yellow winter squash

    substitute 1/2 the bread crumbs in meatballs with grated Parmesan cheese


    horseradish (kick)
    drained sauerkraut and shredded swiss (tangy)
    3 T. brown sugar
    dash of nutmeg and couple dashes of cinnamon
    cream style corn and sweet relish
    a boiled egg in the middle

    Pecan Pies
    to keep it from being too sweet add 1 teaspoon of vinegar

    Potato Salad
    1 t. garlic salt to a bowl of salad

    Roast (Beef, Lamb or Pork)
    sprinkle cinnamon on surface

    Sloppy Joes
    to traditional sloppy joes add 1/2 c. sauerkraut


    cayenne pepper
    if tomato based, add a tiny bit of cinnamon
    few drops of steak sauce in bowl when serving Beef Stew

    Stir Fry-
    shake on a bit of bottled Italian salad dressing

    Sugar cookies-
    lemon or orange extract and cranberries

    Tea (Iced)-
    fruit juice such as pineapple or citrus

    Tomato soups-
    bit of ground cloves on top

    Tuna Salad-

    shredded carrots
    tuna with barbecue sauce
    green olives
    a bit of curry powder and some pineapple tidbits

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