Start some wonderful Christmas traditions for your family.

Make some traditions the kids will want to do every year.

What are your memories of Christmas past— all the gifts  you got and can name them or are your memories of the fun things you did at Christmas time?

Slow down and enjoy the season. Take time to enjoy your loved ones. (Read though here  and put some of these ideas together for one or two special nights during the holiday season.)

You could do these over several nights of the season or try to do them on Christmas Eve:

  • Have a Christmas movie marathon Watch Christmas movies with the kids for free and start a new tradition. Borrow them from the library or watch for free on the internet
  • Make a giant chocolate chip cookie using frozen cookie dough (the smaller package, not the huge one) …using coupons and catching it on sale…. and spread in a pizza pan (you can get the cheap throw away pan at the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart). Make one giant chocolate chip cookie from a frozen log and it is less messy than making a bunch of cookies from scratch. (Since it is a giant choc chip cookie the kids might not even want to decorate it.)
  • Read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
  • Get out the picnic blanket and picnic basket and sit under the twinkling lights of the tree to eat sandwiches and drink Welchs Sparkling grape juice from your fanciest  glasses–The bottle with a bunch of curly ribbon around  it looks festive; like a celebration itself.
  • Have a family slumber party in the living room using sleeping bags or pallets. There is something special about going to sleep under the Christmas lights.
  • Look at pictures in photo albums from Christmas past and share with kids some of the things you did as a child at Christmas time.
  • Work on a jigsaw puzzle together, as a family. It is fun to do over several nights so you might want to start it early in December. Sharing like this invites family members to talk.  (Jigsaw puzzles can be purchased at garage sales.)
  • Write a Christmas letter, with everyone in the family telling their own story of the past year. Start the letter with “Dad’s Turn” and work  down to the youngest child’s turn. It’s fun to read everyone’s differing perspective on the past year.
  • Make a video for Christmas- sing songs, tell stories, and just have a good time. Your relatives will appreciate seeing how the kids had grown over the year. Record your children singing their favorite Christmas carols so that in twenty years you’ll have the recording to see how much they have changed over the years.
  • Video a time capsule to be opened  in 5 years. (That is a very long time to kids.)
  • Take your family’s picture in front of the Christmas tree. Make it a yearly tradition.
  • Have a family fun night where you spend playing a board game. Kids will like it so much they will want to keep having them.
  • Find a candy that the kids have never had (maybe from your childhood*?–even more fun if you are the grandparent), wrap it up in colorful paper and let them unwrap it. The fun part is to let them see the package and let the excitement build over a few hours and then sitting in the room with the trees lights (or when you have finished caroling) explain how you loved it as a child and let them open it). A new tradition is born.     *Find some by googling candy from your childhood   or childhood candies
  • Simmer some hot cider, either using a good and simple recipe or just heat up some bottled cider. Add cinnamon sticks.

Make an ornament they can hang on the tree that they can take to their own tree when they are grown. Doing this each year is a fun tradition.

These aren’t going to last, but aren’t they cute? mice ornaments

Going out-

  • Christmas caroling as a family or with friends can be so much fun!
  • Drive around  town to look at the Christmas lights, drinking hot chocolate from a thermos. Have fun voting on which neighborhood has the best display.  (If you are near Tulsa you must see Rhema and Paragon Pipe!)
  •  Go for a walk to collect pine cones, acorns and such for decorations.
  •  A White Elephant gift exchange with friends will leave you rolling with laughter.
  • A re-gift exchange allows you to trade nice gifts you and your family received, but never used to get something you can use. (Some do this BEFORE Christmas with gifts they got over the year. They can end up with some great gifts to pass on to those they normally have to buy for.)
  •  Send a card to a U.S. soldier that you know. If you don’t know a U.S. soldier, consider making a donation to an organization that supports the troops. Or contact your local National Guard to see how you can help.


Go to a Christmas Eve Service. It’s completely free, and it will put you in the right frame of mind to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Do the bulk of the preparation for a special Christmas breakfast. Cinnamon Buns and Christmas Breakfast Sausage Casserole are good ones.

On Christmas Eve  by candlelight, Christmas lights and Christmas music playing very low, present the stocking you made    full of freebies that you have collected all year 
 and here have cute tags on the gifts you give:

Have a birthday party for Jesus, complete with a cake. Invite the neighborhood kids over. For gifts, you could give time or make a commitment to read your Bible, pray…whatever you can think of!

Teach them the joy of sharing with others- Have your family volunteer- Deliver meals at Christmas for Meals on Wheels, at a food bank, help serve a Christmas meal on Christmas Day at a shelter or mission, volunteer at the pet shelter.


Figure out ways to make things.  I’m not a kid but I’d  personally love this:   or the older ladies might like this. I do!

What Grandma wouldn’t love this in the guest bathroom?

And what kid wouldn’t love making these?[/url]
I could see a boy loving this idea:

Giving money? Then fold in cute shapes:

Want to make your own boxes?

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3 Responses to Start some wonderful Christmas traditions for your family.

  1. Brian R. says:

    CHRISTMAS decorations, CHRISTMAS baking, CHRISTMAS vacation, CHRISTMAS parades, CHRISTMAS shopping…. Especially shopping because Jesus definitely loved to shop. Clothing that has CHRISTMAS themes….. Like reindeer and snowmen and nutcrackers and poinsettias other things that have so much to do with Jesus….

    Isn’t this tackiness taking the Lord’s name in vain?
    Bruce Plante cartoon starbucks war against Christmas

    Colbert’s solution for Starbucks’ red cups

  2. Timmi says:

    ABATE Cruising for Christmas Dec 15, 2014, About 8,000 took part. Expo Square to Blue Dome where Marine Corps Reserves Toys for Tots were waiting to bring about 25,000 similar toys into two semis . Distributed in Tulsa Delaware, Muskogee, Payne, Wagoner and Washington counties
    Big wheel
    shop with a cop
    another Cop
    Domestic Violence victims get gifts from officer Dec 20,2014 (Keith Fallis and other fraternal Order of police FOP Pres. Clay Ballenger.
    Edison Elves Deliver Goodies Dec 20, 2014, (Idea came from Diego Lievano, a Senior at Edisons leadership class. (Operation Tommy’s Elves) Homemade gifts to McClure Elementary
    Grinch Fund- Holiday Heart Emerson Elementary teacher 3rd grade . they save pocket change
    Lawyers fighting hunger Hugh Robert founder (918) 592-1144 650 residents turkey and pantry box with Comm Food Bank of Easter OK Emer Infant Services and Iron Gate
    Shop with a cop
    Warner High School- Churches raised funds- entire town Dec 20 was touched. Giving Students Teens raise $11,000 to help less fortunate

  3. Timmi says:

    Memories of Christmas Past- Christmas Day and Eve (sights, smells, and memories: the fragrance of cedar tree, roast turkey, baking cookies, celery filled with pineapple cream cheese from a Flintstone decorated glass.) A wrapped book on every child’s bed to wake up to (READING IS FUNDAMENTAL)

    Children learn what they live: Are we teaching them that it is ok to fib about the fantasy santa always watching them and all they have to do is be good to get all they gifts they have been wanting?(What does this speak to a child whose parents can’t afford to get them so much…That they aren’t worth as much as other kids?)

    Why bother celebrating the Gift (the only True Gift) of Christmas when Christmas is the time to show the world how much you care by running around in a frenzied state to buy the perfect material gifts, making sure we purchase nicer gifts for our family than others can buy for theirs. People buying expensive gifts for themselves to make sure they get what they want. Excess is good, right?

    When kids always get what they want it helps desensitize them at a young age to excitement, gratitude or a desire to work hard for what they want.

    Who among us has the nerve /strength to bring it all to a screeching halt?

    The Seven Deadly sins:Pride, envy gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth

    Interestingly, the Bible says to owe no man yet here we are still paying off the credit cards when the garage sale season finds our Christmas gifts out on a sale table in the garage,marked $1.

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