Fish Smell in House? Do Not Ignore It

The most popular post on this site has been
looking around the house for that fishy odor
and the related posts (below).

Based on stats we can tell that there are many people who smell that
horrible fishy smell in their home and are searching for an answer.

Please take the time to read that link above.

If you ever smell that vile smell we urge you to begin looking at all things electrical-
outlets, light switches, ceiling fans, light fixture, tvs etc. (If you smell it
soon after you turn on something look closely at what you turned on as a possible suspect.)

Several people have shared with us that they have had this stinking problem but
were embarrassed to tell anyone and quit letting people into their home. It is important information that we all need to share with others. By sharing it you might save the life of someone you love.


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