Black Friday Strategies

I don’t participate in Black Friday but thought others might enjoy reading these tips. You must have a plan. One group claims to be in and out of the store in 10 minutes. Here is how they do it: First, Thanksgiving is moved to Wednesday so they still have enough time for Black Friday prep. Black Friday planning session.

  • Everyone on the team (about eight – fifteen people) will go to the home of one person home and scan advertisements, screening them for the best deals.
  • Destination lists and want lists are compiled, in order to maximize efficiency.
  • During the planning session, team members will be assigned different jobs and stationed at different stores.
  • The shopping list is divvied up so that each person can scramble off to a specific department once they get to the store.
  • Some stores match advertised prices of other stores which can keep you from going so many places. That makes for a shorter list of destinations, so bring the ads.

As a team goes into a store one person (usually a tall person so the team can spot him /her easily over the other shoppers ) grabs an empty shopping cart and flies to the register to save a place by standing in line  while other team members scurry off to grab items-one gets this, another gets that. Team members race back to throw items into the waiting shopping cart as it moves ahead to the register. Meanwhile the tall person you brought along can sprint to bring the car up to the door and then be available to lift the heavy purchases into it. You are out the door and on to the next store! Not only can you watch movies on your phone while you wait in line outside but the  retailmenot app on your smartphone helps save you money

NOTE: BLACK FRIDAY ISN’T NECESSARILY THE BEST TIME TO BUY: The best deals on electronics are from Nov 3-15; toys from early to mid Dec and clothes will be the 10 days before Christmas.

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