Bad real estate photography

Google the words bad real estate photography and check out the different websites, if you need a good laugh….or just check out the links below. However, if you have your home for sale and it is languishing on the market, you won’t find it nearly so funny, if your see your house on there.  Some of these might clue you in why your Realtor keeps suggesting you cut the price again and again…. and again.

Been there, done that….because we foolishly believed all Realtors knew what they were doing when they whipped out their cell phone and took pictures. They didn’t want to take
a dime of the HUGE commission they were going to be paid by us, to pay for professional
photos. That meant  our house did not sell for awhile. Thankfully we did not
have a mortgage on it or otherwise we’d have been paying for two mortgages, along with real estate taxes, insurance and HOA fees, while cutting the price lower and lower, thanks
to the Realtors cheapness.

Next time we sell, we will interview several Realtors and look at pictures they have taken.
Realtors are hired and paid really good money to sell the house, so they should not focus on the space that people want to buy and not  furniture or flowers or the family dog, stretched out and drooling on the carpet.

Google your prospective Realtor  and see what the pictures look like on their listings.   This will help you decide if you want to remove the prospective Realtor from your short list   because a lazy and/or cheap Realtor  may cause you to have trouble selling your nice home.

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2 Responses to Bad real estate photography

  1. Darren says:

    I agree that Realtors who take their own pictures look very unprofessional if they just assume pictures they take will be fine. The following is for the few who have had photography classes and received high marks:

    HINT FOR REALTORS: Kodak Pixpro SL25 is a camera lens that mounts on your phone, allowing for higher resolution than what your phone’s camera can capture. Communicating with your phone over Wi-Fi you compose the image on the phone’s screen. After snapping the photos, using the shutter button on the Pixpro, the phone can be used to review and share the images.

    IMAGE QUALITY: The Pixpro shoots sharp 16 megapixel photos and full high definition video at 1080p, which is common for rear cameras, but not the front ones.
    ZOOM: a real, optical zoom (not a software magnification phones typically use)that zooms up to 25 times!
    WIDE ANGLES: Pixpro has a wide-angle lens that one needs in selling properties.

    The Pixpro attaches to the phone, allowing you to use a physical button on the Pixpro instead of searching on the phone’s touch screen for a virtual one. However, the Pixpro can be used without being attached to your phone.

    Although HTC’s new Desire Eye is 13 megapixels, the same as the rear camera and also has a front flash, you’ll still get sharper images with the Kodak attachment.($300)

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