The Secret is Out: Coloring Provides Wonderful Stress Relief for Adults!

A 2012  study, found that anxiety can be greatly reduced by coloring. Specially designed, coloring pages for “grown-ups” are more intricate than children’s coloring books.

“After my husband died I was numb and couldn’t even think. I bought a coloring book and crayons.  Focusing just on coloring in the picture, calmed me, my stress lifted, allowing me to  think clearer and make the decisions that I needed to make.”

Color to Calmness 

Widows, each with the shared trauma of losing a loved one, found that coloring together was soothing; allowing the conversation to move from hyper-emotional tears toward calm philosophical musings and shared memories. Pleasurable and relaxing the mood-lifting power of adult coloring provides a real sense of accomplishment/satisfaction  by creating a beautiful piece of art that is not too challenging.

Soothing, adult coloring
has been said to have helped patients with:

  • Dementia – many have relaxed for the first time in years.
  • PTSD – to diminish anxiety and become more present during episodes.
  • Parkinson’s disease –   helping to keep the pathways and neuronal connections viable to help with coordination and fine motor skills. (Some patients claim that tremors are suppressed when coloring or performing other manual tasks.)

Coloring requires complete absorption, unlike knitting or other crafts, which allows you to watch TV or multitask. When the mind is completely engaged  focusing on the process, it shuts out everything else making it impossible to worry about anything else.

This ain’t your grandma’s bridge party.
Coloring parties continue to gain in popularity, as a way to  bring  together adults  to   enjoy each others’ company and share their lives with one another.  Adult coloring works in gatherings, for both socialization and group therapy as a way to build bonds with other people with no judgment.

Intricate, beautiful coloring pages aimed at adults

Colors: Some use Sharpies,  colored pencils (nice and sharp), watercolor pencils, gel pens, promarkers, felt tips, (including  Crayola brand). ( Some say they use  a combination of metallic gel pens, fine liners, pastels and pencils to get different effects.) Prismacolor colored pencils can be found at places such as Michaels, Target, Walmart, and Office Depot.

Look who was coloring. (The show was on the air from 1998 to 2007.)
Learn more about the craze by googling: coloring for adults stress relief


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6 Responses to The Secret is Out: Coloring Provides Wonderful Stress Relief for Adults!

  1. Lauren says:

    For those with Parkinsons, Alzheimers or Essential Tremor. I’d like to suggest:

    ~Dollar coloring books with larger images make it easier to stay within the lines, keeping the patient entertained and focused for longer periods of time.

    ~Scented colors help to stimulate the olfactory nerve.

    ~Draw, Doodle Design & Doodle Imagine, Draw stimulate cognitive function in several aspects of brain because it asks to do tasks while drawing which requires recollection of objects, places and memory of shape.

    ~Pens and pencils with wide grips (at least 1.5 inches or 3 cm) are easier to grasp office supply stores have pen or pencil grips or a rubber band twisted several times around the pencil can help with grip.

  2. David says:

    Printing off some pages and sending them to the VA hospital is a good idea.

    Walmart has a pkg of 12 CraZArt colored pencils on sale for .62

    Dollar General has Crayola brand for $1.00 (until Saturday )

  3. condensed2share says:

    Free Download of the beautiful Colorfy app. then choose from dozens of beautiful floral designs and mandalas, animals, patterns, written messages, or put your own twist on a classic or iconic piece of artwork, and more. Choose your colors and with just tap to fill in white space. to see just how easy and relaxing this app can be.

    You can share your creation with Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or send it to your friends via text message or email.

    App for iOS

    App for Android

    One mom said it is nice to have it available to you when you are having to sit and wait, such as at a doctors office or taking the kids to an emergency room.

    There are tons here: under coloring

  4. Brian R. says:

    Coloring is a great activity to keep kids – or other adults – occupied during Printable Coloring Pages. Choose from several hundred pages for both kids and adults alike.

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  6. Terri says:

    These books are now being sold everywhere, it seems. I see them at WalMart and so many places.

    Kim Komando has them on her site so you don’t have to go to the store:

    Coloring Pages for Adults has hundreds of designs to color. Ranging from mandalas and psychedelic patterns, to animals and Russian dolls and landscapes, there’s no doubt plenty of selection. You’re almost guaranteed to find something you will like.

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