Biggest Discounts May Not Be On Black Friday

While deals generally start the Monday before Thanksgiving,  Thanksgiving Day has the best deals, with prices increasing through Cyber Monday.  Customers can shop online, from the comfort of their home on Thanksgiving  since many retailers are going to be closed that day.

Fact:  around 76 percent of shoppers buy the same 1 percent of  product makes and models, which are mostly electronics. So if you wait, you might not get that popular item you want.

P.S. Please don’t forget there are MANY struggling Seniors who do not want you to know their $600 or less Social Security check (which may be their only income) doesn’t stretch far enough to cover their utilities, meds, food, gas and car insurance so they can get to the doctor along with and personal items, such as toilet paper.  They have to make a choice somewhere and many times it is food. Ashamed, they will not go to a food pantry. Christmas is an excellent time to gift them a grocery store gift card (so they can buy a couple of cans of tuna or chicken) or a gas gift card. 

Seniors May Appreciate a Grocery Store Gift Card More Than Anything Else You Can Buy Them 

Before You Start Your Christmas Shopping….

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