Merry Christmas!

 We  hope you had a blessed day. 

We’d like to share a couple of kind things we heard about over the holiday.

….the Yellow Cab driver and the man and lady who were spotted around 11:00 am on Christmas Eve, 2015 at 66th and Memorial, in Tulsa. The front car in line in the turn lane   to Walmart had broken down.  A man and lady had pulled over on a side street and were just walking up to help. A Yellow Cab pulled up, offered assistance and made a wide turn to bring his car nose to nose with the disabled car to give her a jump.  (This is someone who makes his living from providing rides but he took the time to help someone when it may have cost him a fare.)

…Stutts House of Bar-B-Que 2021 E. Apache St in Tulsa, offered free Christmas dinners delivered to home-bound persons. The owner Almead Stutts said they want to help those in need when they can.


When someone feels alone and discouraged, a simple unexpected act of kindness and respect from another can  provide hope and encouragement that things are going to be ok.


Different Kind of Christmas by Mark Schultz.

only 3:34 minutes

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1 Response to Merry Christmas!

  1. Dave says:

    Kind words of encouragement, a nod and a smile of acknowledgment and your random acts of kindness can change a life forever.

    Inspiration for random acts of kindness:

      ~ Businesses, listen up:


      ~ Random Acts of Flowers recycles and repurposes flowers with volunteers to deliver flowers to patients in healthcare facilities.


      ~ I liked this one:I am working at a grocery chain, while waiting for more meaningful work. I have found much to strengthen the spirit in this endeavor. The elderly of the community benefit so much from simple interactions at the check out. I have lent money twice to seniors whose totals exceeded the money they had with them — even though our family is living on $250 a week. The money never fails to come back, and a new friend has been made. This job has taught me, or reminded me, that it is often small acts of random kindness that spread the widest ripples.

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