Tulsa Botanic Garden- Beauty of Osage Hills

Emily Ramsey wrote a very nice article about the  Floral Terrace at the Tulsa Botanic Garden, which was completed in October, 2015.

“The A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Floral Terrace is a 3.5-acre garden set on a hillside that overlooks the seven-acre lake and offers a beautiful eastern view of the Tulsa skyline. The garden is filled with 400 different plant types with a total of 8,000 permanent plants and 7,000 seasonal plants.”

“The drive alone, through the Osage Hills and the long, winding road past countryside and grazing horses, helps to set the mood and throw off our worries before even arriving at the Botanic Garden.”

Click above link to read Ms. Ramsey’s entire article.


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