Have You Seen Random Acts of Kindness This Week?

On the other side of the counter, from where I waited in line to pay for my gas purchase,  was a lady with a couple of kids.

The clerk turned to the woman and told her that her items had already been paid for. The lady looked confused until the clerk nodded toward the lady in front of me and said she had paid for them.

The benefactor said softly that she didn’t have a Valentine so she wanted to do something for someone. She had wanted to get out of here before they saw her.

She gave us all a smile. We left there with thoughts of what we could do to help others.


Tulsa World Letter to the Editor (after Valentine’s Day 2016)

There are a lot of people in Tulsa who care about others.
My wife died Sept 17. We always went out for Valentine’s Day dinner. I decided to go out alone on this Valentine’s Day, because I knew my wife would have wanted me to.
We were married for nearly 48 years. We always liked Charlestons so I decided to go there. I was sitting at a small table by myself feeling very sad being without my wife. After I finished my meal,  the waiter said someone else paid my check and said to add some dessert to it.
I was overcome with emotion that someone would be so kind. I guess the person, it being Valentine’s Day, just felt sorry for me.
I would like to thank this person for being so thoughtful.

Kenneth Jennings, Tulsa


A lovely, thoughtful friend and her “Hubbs” dropped off a wonderful surprise at my doorstep, to be found after they slipped away. (Love you, Mary!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free. (Ephesians 6:8 KJV)

Leave a comment below with something you have seen (or done yourself) this week.

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