Archie Bunker Malapropisms ~ Hilarious!

Archie Mangles Names & Terms

He reminds us of the late  Harlan Jordan  as “Earl”, when he would upset Edna when he’d say things like Furniture Factory Outhouse.





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5 Responses to Archie Bunker Malapropisms ~ Hilarious!

  1. Sunny says:

    Bless Archie, he was the gift that kept on giving!  LOL

  2. SueSue2020 says:

    Not a malapropism….but here is another:
    “So I’m expected to walk on eggshells in my own country just so I don’t offend some 7th century Islamic goat humpers who ain’t figured out yet this is the 21st century?! What the hell kind of meat-headed bullshittery do you call that?!”

  3. Sue2020 says:

    Not a malapropisms….but here you go:

    Gloria: 85% of murders are committed by handguns.
    Archie: Would you feel better if they were pushed outta windows?

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