Aldi Carries Gluten Free & Organic Foods

“I was an Aldi’s skeptic, too, but  we have been shopping at Aldi a lot lately and found the organic line to be amazing and the price savings are wonderful!    I LOVE Aldi.” (This comes from someone who claims to have formerly been a  Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods addict.)

The Aldi  today,  with all their  organic & gluten free choices is much different from the Aldi of 10 years ago.  Concerned about partially hydrogenated oils, synthetic colors and added MSG?  They’ve removed all artificial ingredients from their products.  (ALDI’s Fresh Commitment: By the end of 2015, all ALDI store brand products  have NO MSG, NO SYNTHETIC COLORS, and NO TRANS FATS.)  Yet, Aldi still has low prices.


Aldi has added gluten free to their stores recently (their own  liveGfree brand ), and their prices seem very reasonable. Look for the items marked GLUTEN FREE such as these:

  • vanilla ice cream
  • frozen entrees -frozen Turkey Meatballs, chicken nuggets
  • Southwest Veggie stuffed sandwich
  • cereals such as corn “chex” and rice “chex”
  • breads, cookies, crackers, pretzels
  • pasta, such as spaghetti….brown rice pasta
  • chips (even Dill Pickle potato chips but they haven ‘t had them in her store, lately.)   Simply Nature Exotic Vegetable Chips are also preservative  free.
  • tortillas – good to make quesadillas or sandwich wraps
  • cornbread mix, cake mix , baking mix, flour, banana muffin mix
  • wraps
  •  pizza dough
  • gummies



Aldi offers a nice selection of USDA Certified Organic items which by definition are GMO free and  at very reasonable prices! To name a few:

  • grass fed  organic beef
  • organic milk-  hormone-free, no antibiotics or steroids; doesn’t contain artificial growth hormones.
  • organic almond milk
  • organic soymilk
  • organic granola
  • organic apples and carrots,  bananas,  and  tomatoes (not all produce is organic but many stores do carry some organic produce)
  • organic spaghetti sauce
  • organic apple juice
  • organic spring lettuce salad mix
  • organic and natural cereals (Their Shredded Wheat has just one ingredient)
  • unrefined Coconut Oil – for only $4.99, you can’t beat this price anywhere!
  • Almond Butter –  1/2 the price of the other found in health-food stores!
  • Frozen Organic Strawberries and Blueberries – perfect for smoothies! However, be sure to look that the ones at your store aren’t from China.
  • Chicken Legs – no antibiotics or additives
  • Organic chicken tenders
  • boxed soups
  • organic chicken stock/broth (in regular and low-sodium versions).
  • nitrate/nitrite free bacon
  • pasta sauces
  • whole grain pasta
  • Organic Salsa
  • organic Corn Chips
  • organic fire-roasted diced tomatoes
  • organic yogurt
  •  organic cheese
  • tortilla organic chips and organic blue corn tortilla chips
  • Organic Greens- Pre-packaged organic kale and spinach,  organic mixed greens, arugula,  and baby spinach
  •  organic wildflower honey
  • organic agave
  • organic quinoa -at a great price
  • organic grape tomatoes
  • organic ketchup in some stores
  • organic “K-cup” coffee (even have a light blend)   Best price ever!
  • host of organic can goods, such as canned beans
  • organic lentils and split peas
  • WILD caught salmon
  • cheese is non-GMO (imported cheeses are from countries who have outlawed GMOs and do not use hormones on their cows or goats for milk production. By the USDA standards that would make them better than organic. Not so pricey when you realize that.)
  • SimplyNature  popular items include lettuce, spinach, frozen berries, milk, and grain-fed beef. These items are free of additives, most are organic, and they come in much lower prices than a health food store or Whole Foods.




NOTE:  We have been told that  true organic will not last as long as other produce before it goes bad.

“ALDI provides nearly 70 varieties of fresh produce, including several organic options. To provide the freshest produce possible, ALDI teams up with top growers throughout the United States, including local growers. ALDI will sell some produce that is grown locally in the region and also offers seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring that its produce is at the peak of freshness and at a great value. All ALDI food products – including fresh produce – are back by its Double Guarantee: If for any reason, a customer is not 100 percent satisfied with any ALDI food product, the retailer will gladly replace the product or refund the purchase price.

Also, if you ever experience inferior produce, contact ALDI Customer Service ( ALDI appreciates hearing about shopper experiences so that they can take appropriate action.”

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3 Responses to Aldi Carries Gluten Free & Organic Foods

  1. Sam says:

    Aldi’s New Organic Selection May Give Whole Foods a Run for its Money

    … should terrify Whole Foods

    This German store that is a cross between Walmart and Trader Joe’s is planning to take over America

    Aldi and Lidl Are Ready To Invade the U.S. Beware Walmart and Target!


  3. Mike says:

    Aldi is a good store. I wish that they would open up a location in the Niagara region in Ontario. It would be so much easier than having to vross the boarder to get groceries.

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